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Ephraim Peleg

732 Westwood Avenue
River Vale, NJ 07675, U.S.A.
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Phone: (201)666-5497     Fax: (201)666-1873

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Artist Statement
Appreciating diversity is an important challenge for all of humankind. A recurrent theme that drives much of my artwork is the underlying sameness of all people. Our physical form and physiological make-up as well as shape and stature differentiates us from other species. At the same time differences-race, religion, gender, for example-can all contribute to creating a rich and vibrant world that not only co-exists but that can participate in a shared vision for a better world for all. .

Many of my works are based on the replication of a form-multiple times-often, with each form painted a different color The fact that the forms are all the same demonstrates that underneath the veneer we are really all the same. The different colors-all bright and attractive-help to highlight the unique and wonderful differences between us.

My belief in the importance of the survival of all people continues to be the inspiration for new works.

Avni Institute of Fine Arts (Israel), studied individually with well-known artists in Israel such as Marcel Janko (Dada), Ernst Fuchs (from Vienna), Yosef Steimatzky, Chaim Kive, Zaritsky, and Streichmann.

Permanent Collections
Prime Minister of Israel; Bank Discount, Israel; Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania; B'nai Brith House, Pennsylvania; Lehigh University, Pennsylvania; Temple University, Pennsylvania; University of Pennsylvania, Philip and Muriel Berman, Allentown, PA: Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Spencer; Key Biscayne, FL, as well as numerous other collections in England, Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States

One Person Exhibitions

  • 1999 Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY
  • 1999 Holocaust Resource Center, Manhasset, NY
  • 1997 Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY
  • 1979 Bridgeport University, Connecticut
  • 1977 Israel Painters and Sculptors Association

Two Person Exhibitions

  • 1987 Mari Gallery of Westchester
  • 1984 Modern Artists Guild of New Jersey
  • 1978 Lim Kibbutz Gallery
  • 1970 Petit Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2000 Sculpture 2000 International, New London, CT
  • 2000 Alva Gallery, New London CT
  • 1999/98 Quietude Garden Gallery, East Brunswik, NJ
  • 1993 The Broome Street Gallery, SoHo, NY
  • 1992 Phoenix Gallery, Soho, NY
  • 1990 Trenton Museum, NJ
  • 1987 Lever House, NY
  • 1985 Monmouth Museum, NJ
  • 1984 Bergen County Museum, NJ
  • 1984 City Without Walls, Newark, NJ
  • 1983 Bear Mountain Gallery, New York
  • 1983 Morristown Museum of Arts and Sciences Chesterwood, MA
  • 1983 Martin/Molinary Art & Design Gallery, SOHO, NY
  • 1982 Outdoor Sculpture '82, Philadelphia;

Bibliography (In English)
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