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KYA Kyzart

P.O. Box 7416
Santa Monica, CA 90406, U.S.A.
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Phone: 3103968720

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"Different Forms of One We" is a constant theme in my work. It is the immense complexity of the human experience that fascinates me, and my work is approached from every aspect, angle, tangle, dimension, possibility, under, over, outside, inside, and the mysterious is hidden deep within. For me, abstract art unleashes the mind from all constrictions, forms, classifications, configurations, and other constraints laced into our "rational" interpretation of the universe. It is the constant play with creativity that inspires me, and how the endless display of possibilities triggers off multiple reactions of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and responses as myriad as the endless play of forms, line, color, shapes, etc.

Other works include installation projects, public art projects, and murals. Land art installations , environmental art, and large scale public art projects are directions I am interested in going, along with design and architetecture. Video is probably next.

I am a multi-dimensional artist, concentrating on masks for about ten years. There is something of the person's soul, if you will, or essence, that comes through the process. A past life emerges, a reincarnation or interpretation, if you will again, of where we came from, bones burried in ledges of sediment or fired in the volcanic lava emerge from the person’s face mold and clay firing combination. There is a story there to tell, open to multi-layered discoverings. The mask of the person’s face is just a real as the person, just reflected in other dimensions. The clay and I have a special bond, a give and take, if you will, of my will and the essence of the clay. This interplay between all the forces in the past, present and future, fascinates me.

WILD AT ART is a euphemism I use to describe my art. More information at


  • B.A. English, Pennsylvania State University
  • American University, M.A. American Literature
  • Degre Superieur, La Sorbonne, Paris, France
  • Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, 3 years.
  • M.A. Alternative Studies, Goddard College


  • Teacher, ten years. Art, Drama, English, French, Dance, Yoga, and Awareness Techniques.
  • Entrepreneur, KYA'S KREATIONS, original design, fabrication, and marketing of jewelry.
  • Poetry Readings, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, N.M. throughout the eighties.
  • Five years on the Greek island of Crete sculpting in a local artisan's studio.
  • I also lived for three years in Mexico and Central America.
  • Throughout the sixties and seventies I was a political activist, performing street theatre at multiple events.
  • In Paris in 1968, was "derriere les barricades" during the mai '68 rebellion.
  • In Greece in 1974 was intangled in the Greek/Cypriot war.
  • I lived for seven years in France, five in Greece, and travelled extensively throughout that time in Europe, North Africa, and Turkey.
  • I also lived 3 years in Mexico and Costa Rica.
  • Throughout the eighties and full on in the nineties I worked solely in clay, focusing on several large scale sculptures.

EXHIBITIONS (all juried)

  • '86 & '87 New Mexico Beading Show
  • '87 Shrines's Show, Santa Fe, N.M.
  • '92 San Diego Art Institute Mid-Winter Show
  • '93 Del Mar Fair Art Exhibit
  • '94 "Born of Fire" @ Signature Gallery
  • '98 COVA presents exhibition of KYA's large scale ceramic sculptures from Feb. to June at the COVA Sculpture Garden. See blurb in "Sculpture" magazine, January issue, p. 18.1.

Shipping, handling , and insurance are the buyer's responsability. There are intellectual property rights that the artist assumes buyers respect. In the event that a work of art is sold in the future, the State of California mandates a 3% return of any profits to the artist.

The artist is pursuing a policy of 30% return to the artist of any future resale, to help overturn the long ond onerous tradition of the "starving artist syndrom." Hopefully the collectors of my work would want to work towards overturning the devastating struggle of so many, too many, artists, and if not a % return to the artist, at least give back to and support the art community.