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Dora Natella

16346 Rootstock Ct.
Granger, IN 46530, U.S.A.
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Artist's Statement: Career and Accomplishments
I was born in Venezuela to a family of immigrant Italians but was mostly raised and educated in Italy. At the age of twenty-one I moved to the United States.

Having more than one place I call home has given me a broad perspective about people, their cultures and their experiences. Having artistic roots in both Ancient Europe and the New World has been a key to my identity as an artist, as I have approached a contemporary style of sculpture from a classical background.

I moved to the United States in 1980 for advanced studies in bronze casting techniques and to expose myself to a totally new culture, one less inhibited by the authority of history. I earned my MFA in sculpture at Western Michigan University in 1986; and have taught sculpture, life drawing, two- and three dimensional design there for six years. In 1992 I was hired as the Sculpture Area Coordinator at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. At the time my research and creative work gradually became centered on the female figure. My sculptural installations sparked interest in their statement and cross-cultural references to Latino women's experiences and generated topical dialogue of universal women's issues.

My most recent work has addressed fundamental aspects of my own life experiences as a woman. Themes such as motherhood, death and mourning, and the celebration and renewal of life through the menses have become predominant directions in my art.

Since 1995 I lived in Eugene, Oregon where I taught sculpture at the University of Oregon for four years while developing my own creative research and teaching private classes and seminars. In addition, I have exhibited frequently and won numerous grants and awards including a lecturing/research Fulbright Award given by the U.S. Information Agency and more recently the Alex J. Ettl Grant given by the National Sculpture Society in New York City.

Last year, I exhibited a ten foot tall bronze, titled "Gaia", in "Pier Walk 2000", the world's largest international outdoor sculpture exhibition, set on Chicago's historic Navy pier. Currently, I am busy creating a new bronze sculpture for "Pier Walk 2001".