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SculptureNow was founded in 1997 by a group of people involved in the arts in the Berkshires, who became aware of a need to promote the experience and knowledge of sculpture through exhibitions and educational outreach, and to offer artists a venue for showing their work in our community.



Expand the knowledge of art in general and sculpture in particular in the Berkshires, through exhibitions, presentations and student workshops.

Offer exhibition opportunities to sculptors, and support their careers.

Provide sculpture related information and educational materials for use in the schools and colleges in Berkshire County.

Offer the programs in public places, free and readily available to the public.

Participate in the cultural economy of our community.

Each year, for 15 years, SN has presented works by 16-32 local, national and international sculptors.  Our juried shows have been at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, the Rockwell Museum, and in the centers of Gt. Barrington, Housatonic, Lenox, Stockbridge, Lee and Becket 

For the past ten years we have presented sculpture in the public arena, free and open at all times, to residents and visitors of all ages, socioeconomic levels, gender, race/ethnicity, and persons with disabilities.

This has enabled us to reach people who do not often frequent museums and galleries.

This year our primary exhibition is in Lenox, from June 5- Oct. 27, 2012. State Rep. Smitty Pignatelli will give opening remarks at the reception June 10 at the Gateways Inn.

Our pilot exhibition in Hinsdale, MA, one of our hill-towns, opens on June 7, 2012 and ends on June 1, 2013.The reception on July 21, 2012 coincides with a town block dance, attracting 10,000 people. Opening remarks by Diane Eulian, Chair of the Hinsdale/Peru Cultural Council.  We are inviting young people from Hinsdale summer camps and Kittredge School to meet the artists, see the sculptures and have  hands-on project.

In connection with the shows, SN offers workshops to students in the Berkshires. Working with artists, the young people tour the shows, create their own sculptures and write about their creative process. Their works and writings are exhibited in town libraries. Many of our artists have experience teaching in workshops, schools and colleges.  This year they include Anne Alexander, Peter Barrett, Matthew Burke, Bill Jackson, Fielding Brown, Colleen O’Donnell and Wendy Klemperer.

High school students in Lenox will work with Matthew Burke in constructing and installing his sculpture.

In our student surveys we have found, that although the cultural resources in the Berkshires are numerous, few students partake in them, possibly due to the rural nature of our community.  We emphasize communication with “living” art and artists, providing students with inspiration for their own creativity.

Our sculpture workshops are free, providing an experience that would not otherwise be available.  We believe that these programs are more important than ever, during the current economical challenges to school budgets.

We have produced, distributed and broadcast videos and films of our exhibitions, student workshops, and sculptors in their studios.

Our shows have been featured in the national, and regional news media.

The reputation of our shows has led to inquiries from other communities who seek our collaboration or advice.

We distribute 8,000 rack cards, free self-guiding maps and offer free tours. We are listed on the websites of the International Sculpture Center, the Berkshire Visitors Bureau and the Town of Lenox. We are supported by Massachusetts Cultural Council, private foundations, businesses and individuals in the Berkshires.

We participate in the creative economy by being a significant attraction in the Berkshires, and have received the full support of our local and state officials.