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Ragnhild Reingardt

Viktorshögsvägen 9 B
Glumslöv, 26162, Sweden
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Phone: +46 418 70001

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My art is inspired by the geometry and architecture of the flag

I am working in specific areas of natural fields, woodland, urban parks, outdoor and indoor architectural environments. The contrast of colors and the juxtaposition of natural and industrial elements signal the message to attention and transition. The dialog between the viewer and the work is both distanced, by space or relevant growth in nature, and accessible to enter physically. The sculpture at the site, the surrounding environment and the existing natural forces create an infinite process. The balance of complexity and simplicity is bringing the focus into my work.


Ragnhild Reingardt is a sculptor who works primarily with site specific sculptural installations. Her large-scale work has been installed nation wide on museum grounds, curated sculpture exhibits and in sculpture parks.

The artist received her art education at the Royal School of Art and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. Advanced special studies at the Carpenter Center of Visual Design, Harvard University and from the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Born in Helsingborg, Sweden. Moved to the United States and had her studio in Brookline, MA, from 1974 until 1998. At present, she does her work from her studio in the south part of Sweden, within the vicinity of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Selected Sculpture Exhibitions


Raus Stenkärlsfabrik / Yoshio Nakajima Museum & Konsthall, ON/OFF THE WALL, Helsingborg, Sweden


Landskrona Konsthall, REFLEX / REFLEX, Landskrona, Sweden

UB Art Gallery, Artpark:1974-1084, Buffalo, NY


Sofiero Palace, "Red Marking", Helsingborg, Sweden

2005, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999

Konstrundan, Annual Art Show ’99, ’00, ’01 in NW Skane, Sweden.


Quietude Garden Gallery, East Brunswick, NJ


T.R.A.F. The Boat as Metaphor: Sculptural Interpretations, "White Marking: Surface Sail", Jurors: Alice R. Snyder, Vicky A. Clark, James Shipman, Pittsburgh, PA

BWAC Show, "Surface Cross Flag: Red", NY State Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn, NY


Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood ’95, "Surface Cross Flag", Stockbridge, MA. Cur. Dennis R. Andersson, Dir. Empire State Plaza Art Collection, Albany, NY

Attleboro Museum, Ice and Fire Show, "Surface Flag: Reflective", Attleboro MA

Attleboro Museum Park, "Red Marking", Attleboro, MA


Connemara Conservatory Foundation, Sculpture Exhibit, "Surface Flag: Red", Dallas, TX. Cur. Amy W. Monier, Director, Dallas, TX


Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood ’93, "Surface Flag: Green", Stockbridge, MA

Guest Cur. David Collens, Dir. Storm King Art Center and Asst. Cur. Maureen Megerian, NY

Attleboro Museum, Fire and Ice Show, "Triangle of Light: Fire", Attleboro, MA. Juror Nick Capasso, Asst., Cur. De Cordova Museum, MA

7th Sculpture Exhibit Bradley Palmar State Park, "Surface Cross Flag", MA. Cur. Nick Capasso, Asst. Cur. DeCordova Museum, MA


Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood ’92, "Red Marking", Stockbridge, MA

Guest Cur. Trevor Fairbrother, Beal Cur. Contemp. Art Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA

6th Sculpture Exhibit Bradley Palmer State Park, "Red Banner Fence", MA. Cur. John Chandler, MA


Art for Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, "Red Marking", Brookline, MA. Brookline Arts Council, Cur. Ragnhild Reingardt, Brookline, MA


Fairmount Park, Altered Sites, "Red Marking", Philadelphia, PA. Cur. Marsha Moss, Curator and Director, Philadelphia, PA


Artpark Lewiston, Project Artist, "Red Banner", Lewiston, NY. Cur. Richard Huntington, Visual Arts Director Art Park, Lewiston, NY


13th Annual New York Avant Garde Festival at World Trade Center, "Form - Reflections", New York, NY