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Keith Bush

15850 Highland Drive, Studio #1
San Jose, CA 95127, U.S.A.
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Phone: 408-923-6666     Fax: 408-251-3759

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Artist Statement:

For over 35 years, I have created steel sculptures for indoor and outdoor, private and public spaces and large scale paintings. I am interested in the bold use of geometric shapes and express myself with line, color, texture, scale and raw emotion. My capricious designs have been well received by clients and the general public. I thrive on the thrill of working with clients and developing works of art to fit specific sites or criteria.

In all of my work I try to incorporate three levels of consciousness. The initial level, which sometimes overwhelms, is what I call the "WOW" factor. The second level is the "Lets take a look at this", and the third is the "Peace and Tranquility" level, something I can enjoy every day for the rest of my life.

In addition to strong artistic and technical skills, I have good working relationships with my clients and other professionals related to my practice. I am a strong presenter, organized, easy to work with and have a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget. My background in education and management has uniquely qualified me with skills in listening and working with and reflecting the needs of individuals and groups representing specific interests and points of view.

Selected Commissions and Works of Art:

2006-07-The Educators, 2005-Series of 8 small sculptures, 2004- Teirra Encantada Panels, Arcs & Angles. 2003 -*Ponder, Rock & Roll III, Breast Cancer Ribbon. 2002 - *Circles with Arcs, Cube, Rock & Roll II and Three Major Paintings. 2001 - Orbicular-31, 2000 - Moolennium & Meltdown, 1998 - Arc # IV, 1996 - *Portal, 1984 - Rock & Roll, 1983 - Trio, 1980 - Transparent Rectangles. (*Award Winners) (Public Art)

 Selected Exhibitions:

2006-07-The Educators installed,San Jose State University School of Education, 2003 - *Ponder, installed, City of South San Francisco, Sculpture Park . *Circlles with Arcs, exceptional award winner, City of Santa Clara.   2003 - Indoor Sculpture Exhibition.   2001 - ONE MAN SHOW, featuring new paintings and sculpture. 2000 - ONE-MAN SHOW, featuring Interactive Plaza Walls and recent paintings. *1996 - *Portal, public comprtition winner, installed, City of San Jose, CA .  1984 - ONE-MAN SHOW and new studio opening. 1976 - ONE-MAN SHOW, Winged Arts Gallery, Sedona Arizona. .               (*Award Winners)  (Public Art)


Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate in fine and industrial Arts.   Degrees and Credentials in  Administration, Supervision. Under and Post Graduate work, CSU Fresno, State University of California Santa Cruz and Berkeley, et al.


Born: Fresno, California, 1939.
Professional Experience: Current Studio Artist/Sculptor, Secondary and University teacher, Educational Administration, Business owner.
Professional Member: International Sculpture Center & Pacific Rim Sculptors Group.