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Chris Hopkins

Los Angeles, CA , U.S.A.
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Artist's Statement:
I try to make art that engages the tension between social/political issues and aesthetic responses: posing questions about injustice, war and violence through forms and structures that are meticulous, elegant and shrine-like. I like to play with these paradoxical images and emotions by combining traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques, often juxtaposing found objects with my own sculpted and fabricated elements. As a sculptor/artisan for the major film studios, I feel a connection with sculptor/artisans of the past who worked for those with power and money. In my time off between film jobs, I strive to use my artisanal skills to produce work that mocks and questions the propagandistic nature of sculptural works of the past.



Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 2002 "Cest la Vie" Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA (honorable mention)
  • 2000 The Hoky Pokey Show ­ DiRT gallery, Hollywood, CA
  • 1997 "AMERICAN SOIL (ed)" -- DiRT gallery, Hollywood, CA
  • 1997 "Annual Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper" -- Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA
  • 1996 "Left, Right & Center" -- Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA
  • 1995 "North American Sculpture Exhibition" -- Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado
  • 1995 "Artwalk Silent Auction" -- Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA
  • 1994 "Treading on Hallowed Ground" -- Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA
  • 1994 "FAR BAZZAR at the Brewery" "FAR BAZZAR Goes South" -- Foundation for Art Resource, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • 1994 "Mapping the Jungle: Artists Influenced by the Architecture" -- Novaspace, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1993, 1994 &1995 "DOWNTOWN LIVES" -- Downtown Arts Development Association (DADA), Los Angeles, CA
  • 1993 "Countdown to the Next Millennium: Artists Envision the Future Los Angeles Urban Landscape" -- Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA
  • 1992 "POLITICAL 1/2 LIFE" (two-person exhibition) --Art Store Gallery, Pasadena, CA


  • 2000    “King” a sculptural tribute to Billie Jean King, ESPN Zone, Anaheim, CA

Public Art:

  • 1994    Finalist (with Phillip Vaughan) on the City of Pasadena’s “Jackie and Mack   Robinson Memorial Public Art Project.”


  • 1982 Bachelor of Arts, Film and Television Production -- UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Los Angeles, CA

Professional Experience:

  • 1992-Present Sculptor for studio films.
  •  1982-1992 Production Designer/Art Director for independent feature films, music    videos. commercials and television programs.

Sculpture - Props, Sets and Miniatures (partial):

THE GREEN HORNET                             Columbia                   2009
TRANSFORMERS 2                                  Paramount                2008                    
GI JOE     (Costume Department}            Paramount                2007-8                  
HANCOCK                                                   Columbia                  2007                     
CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR                       Paramount                2006                     
TRANSFORMERS                                      Paramount                2006                     
WORLD TRADE CENTER                        Paramount                2005                     
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN II & III    Disney                        2004-5                          
MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA                          Columbia                   2004                      
LEMONY SNICKET’S….                           Paramount                 2003-4                      
VAN HELSING                                            Universal                    2002-3                     
A WINKLE IN TIME                                     Random House        2002                     
THE HULK                                                   Universal                    2002                      
THE TIME MACHINE                                 Dreamworks              2001                      
OCEANS ELEVEN                                     Ocean Prods .           2001                 
PLANET OF THE APES                             Fox                             2000-2001                          
CAST AWAY                                                Dreamworks             2000                      
LITTLE NICKY                                             Avery Pix                   1999                     
THE GRINCH, MYSTERY MEN               Universal                   1999                       
ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE                     Universal                   1999                     
SOLDIER, WILD WILD WEST                  Warner Brothers        1998                 
FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON       HBO                             1997                         
ARMAGEDDON                                          Beuna Vista                1997                   
GODZILLA                              Acme Models (Warner Bros.)        1996-97              
INDEPENDENCE DAY                              20th Century Fox        1996                 
TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY                    Redemption Prods.    1995              
GET SHORTY                                              MGM United Artists    1995                 
INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD                    Paramount                   1994-95                    
IN SEARCH OF DR. SEUSS                     Point Blank Prods.      1993                 
FREAKS                                                        Tommy Prods               1992                 
WHERE SLEEPING DOGS LIE                 Sotela Pictures             1990                              
I’M GONNA GIT YOU, SUCKA!                  Ivory Way Prods.          1988                 
TAPEHEADS                                                 Pacific Arts                    1988