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Lyubov Muravyeva

616 Amberwood Ln.
Ballwin, MO 63021, U.S.A.
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Phone: 636-207-8552

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If the question would be what kind media I prefer, the answer would be:
I prefer the media in which the image (feeling) of the place (space) would be explained the best.

Each place has its own image. Each image demands special media. The role of author is just to figure it out. Then the viewers could have the possibility of listening to the music of their spirit in real space.

Human -- being desires attention to his soul.

If the question is: " What are you interested in?"

The answer would be
--- The humans' feelings are the object of my interest or more exactly: the shape (the lines, the forms, and the color's relation) which explains the human - being feelings, is the object of my interest.
Rich variety of feelings distinguishes Human -- being from animals and makes them able to feel compassion for another person's pain and keeps the human society for the future.