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Curt Holzinger

215 1/2 Henry Street
San Francisco, CA 94114, U.S.A.
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Phone: (415)626-7379

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Most of my sculptures explore some aspect of the complex relationship between humans and nature. Since much of our modern world is a kind of 'man-made nature', this theme is especially ripe today. With the knowledge gained from genetics, we stand at the threshold of creating new organisms, perhaps even humans. Yet, in this technological world, where man is the destroyer and creator of living things, ethics and morals are largely irrelevant.

Welded steel, concrete and wood are elements I commonly work with. These materials possess a physical duality: they may appear rigid or fluid, depending on how they are manipulated. I especially like welding steel. The torch, heat and flame create molten steel which flows like lava, becoming natural and organic. Within these materials is a vast playground of organic and inorganic forms - standing alone, in opposition, or merged in evolutionary growth.


Stanford University, Stanford, California
Social Thought and Institutions Program
Bachelor of Science, Political Science 1981

University of California at Los Angeles
Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Master of Architecture, 1988