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Julia Jitkoff

PO Drawer B
Kingsville, TX 78364, U.S.A.
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Phone: (908 963-7624)

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The Artist

  • Self-employed in art, investments
  • Sculptor working in clay
  • Subject matter is figurative and impressionistic
  • Watercolorist of landscape and still life

Artist's Statement


My interests are varied. Impressionistic rendering of the human figure and animals has interested me for many years. Sculpture in bronze allows me to capture motion and energy in unique ways.
























Watercolor painting adds the variety and clarity of color in a medium that is both tame and wild. It works with me to create the best images but frets if too tightly controlled. Being from south Texas, an area which is almost perpetually drought stricken, I am acutely aware of the preciousness of water. Painting with it is homage and message.



Subject Matter

I am pursuing several themes simultaneously like books you read depending on the mood you are in are in. The themes may be manifest in watercolor or sculpture.

I am in my fifties. The women I know share with me their concerns, joys and sorrows about loosing their looks, their husbands, their children and health. Yet they amaze me with their resilience and strength. They are inspirational and always interesting models, if I can persuade them to pose. The best are often too busy!

The progression to old age also is on my mind as I watch, sadly, the aging of a wonderful father. He embodied all that was strong and virile. Alzheimer's and time are slowly sapping these qualities away. Like water drying up. I use the metaphor of bones and desserts for age and water for life. Shells, fish, leaves, flowers and seeds are softer more ephemeral metaphors for these same subjects.

Motion and Energy
I like doing action pieces. Polo, a sport I have been around since a child, fox hunting, swimmers and dance, are topics. The exuberance, the intensity, the abandon, of the participants is a joy and a challenge to capture in metal.

Myths of different cultures are parables and usually harbor deep metaphor, whether the source is the Iliad, the Koran, the Bible, or the Book of Kells. The mystery of fairies, what their origins are, who believed in them and why, is intriguing. Fairies are delightful, mischievous, naughty, gracious, evil, generous, ugly, and beautiful. Like many people their values differ markedly from mine. They are unpredictable and dishonest. They personify those qualities to extreme that we want or despise. They are hyperbole and whimsy, imaginary and frightening. They are teaching tools, reminders of our own foibles and faults.

I sailed around the world in 1999 and 2000 with my husband. The experience crystallized concerns about the stewardship we owe to future generations.

Water becomes increasingly precious as we use and abuse it. I am ever sensitive and aware of this precious resource and our duty to conserve it for our children. Availability of bottled drinking water is almost universal. Yet there are management and energy costs in making bottles and bottling water. And rarely are the bottles recycled. Traveling widely I see them scattered in streets and trash heaps, floating at sea, along coastlines and in harbors. How ironic: clean water is a source of pollution.

Religion and Missionaries
Most troubling and intractable divisions are religious based. Religious differences appear to be the most significant basis for national security threats. Among fanatics, each faith believes it owns the truth and doesn't trust nonbelievers. Would that we could see each other clearly.


Areas of Interest in Art and Possible Subject Matter for Commissions

  • Pieces which are 24' to 6 ft. in height
  • Clay and other materials
  • Human Figures and their parts or abstractions
  • Animals, particularly horses, dogs, cattle, birds
  • Imaginary creatures i.e. fairies
  • Polo action pieces
  • Dancers

Sculpture Commissions

  • The Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, TX, 16 Imagineer Awards
  • "Artesian Well", commemorative piece for the Henrietta Memorial Center, Kingsville, TX
  • Portraits for various individuals


  • The Knickerbocker Club, NY. (1990, 1994, 1998)
  • The Peck School, Morristown, NJ
  • New York Academy of Art , NY, NY (1989, 1997, 1998)
  • San Antonio Art Institute
  • Private show of sculpture at home, Aspen CO (1996)
  • Somerset Art Association, Bedminster, NJ (1998, 2001)
  • Mountain Art Show, Bernardsville, NJ (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001)
  • The Mill Gallery, Pottersville, NJ (2001) Watercolor and sculpture
  • Poppycock's Cafe, Aspen CO (2001) Watercolor and sculpture
  • National Sculpture Society, NY, NY (2001)
  • Park Avenue Club, Florham Park, NJ (2002) Watercolor
  • Boylan Gallery, Rhinebeck, NY (2002) Watercolor


Art Training

  • New York Academy of Art (1986-1989) New York, NY Studied classical anatomy of the figure from a three dimensional perspective. Extensive drawing from life. Worked life size and smaller.
  • Lyme Academy of Art, (1989) Old Lyme, CT Studied anatomy of the horse
  • San Antonio Art Institute (1980-1986) San Antonio, Texas, Courses in life sculpture
  • University of Texas (1969) B. A. Latin American Economics