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Basil Colin Frank

P.O.Box 4183
Jerusalem, Jerusalem 9104101, Israel
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Born Cape Town. South Africa. . B A Michaelis School Art, University Cape Town .Postgraduate Studies Sculpture - St. Martins College of Art , London under Caro and King. 1985- Diploma specialized welding, Tass School of CapeTown, South Africa. 1985 Photographed Joseph Beuys erecting his installation "Plight",Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London. Lives and works in Jerusalem. -Writes poetry, & on art.
 Selected solo shows; S A Association Arts Cape Town 1972- sculpture installations. 1972-Site specific sculptures Clifton, Cape Town. Space Studios, London 1974; 1998 World Contemporary Art, L. A.USA; 1990 Site Specific sculptures Dead Sea, Israel 2000; Art Expo 2000, N.Y . “Phoenix Throne”  International. Print Triennial, 40th anniversary Krakow, 2006-2007 -DVD, Stills- prints- installation, Center Jewish Culture, Kazimierz, Krakow , Institute Art Academy – gallery& "Pod Jaszczurami"; Eye for Art 2 Gallery
Selected Group Shows:
   1997 Osaka Triennale.1998-12th German International. Graphic Art Frechen 1999; International Print Triennial  -SMTG 2000. Bunkier Sztuki ,Krakow,  2000 Intergrafia- World Winners Gallery hosts - International Print Triennial, Katowice,2001.Graz Cultural Network, Austria- International Print Triennial -SMTG 2003. Bunkier Sztuki ,Krakow 13thTallinin Print, Beijing Bienniale 2005, II Bienal Internacional Ceará de Gravura, Fortelezza ,Brazil. 2006 May “White ” Broadway Gallery NYC 2007 Broadway Gallery”Apple”July exhibition in NYC,2006   IPT-SMTG Bunkier Sztuki . - Horst Janssen, Oldenburg, 2007 Kunstlerhaus Vienna, 5th Novosibirsk International Biennial of Contemporary Graphic Art 2007.The Gyeongnam International Art Festival,Korea 2007.Biennial Splitgraphic 3,Croatia. 14th Tallinn Print..3rd International Experimental Engraving Biennial, Romania, 2008 -3rd Beijing International Art Biennale.   Olympic Fine Arts Beijing 2008, 13th International. Biennial Print R.O.C. Taiwan, First International Biennial Contemporary   Art Chapingo. Mexico
 International awards; *Grand Prix -Osaka Triennial (Print) 1997, Japan.First Award World  Contemporary  Art 1998 Los Angeles; 12th German International Graphic Art - Frechen 1999; International Print Triennial, - Krakow 2000 Jury's Prize; Biennale Internazionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea Citta Di Firenze 2001- Lorenzo il Magnifico; International  Print  Trienniale- Krakow 2003 Award City Opole; 2007 International Art Biennial Splitgraphic 3-special award, Croatia .2007 -14th Tallinn Print Triennial, Diploma -2007. -online, Dipl. Excellence 
Sept.2009 1st International Arts &Science Festival , honor   diploma& medal award by  Unesco signed by VP Maronitis Ioanis UNESCO and the University of Patras, Zervas Art Productions,the Scientific Committee of the University of Patras International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.),
Review:Basil Frank's early work and student work was grounded in minimalism and post-minimalism. He did serial work, clean and restrained in his native South Africa and later in the 70s when studying in London at St. Martin's, was influenced by Anthony Caro's concrete formalist sculpture, which was a dominant force at that time. In South Africa, Frank was politically active opposing the regime ruled by a racist principle. I mention this because the direction his work took was expressionist in character and more literary and political in content, and is definitely closer to action painting and junk sculpture than to clean minimalist sculpture. In spite of the fact that his minimalism was closer to post-minimalism from the outset, i.e. softened somewhat and made the sculpture more complex. And yet, only in the 80s under the influence of Joseph Beuys, a conceptual-social sculptor whom he has met, Frank could see a way to give vent to his literary conceptual and political concerns and bent. He came up with an important series of collages, the "Blackboard" series., Frank's plastic work has assumed its own character. This includes the series like "UmbilicalAfrica,", "Head" and works made in reaction to the Gulf War experienced in Israel in 1991. This body of work, to my mind, should be noted for its bold inventive and imaginative use of method and means. Suffice to read the list of materials and techniques of almost any work to make this point clear; "Arrow" for example (1993/94) a wall piece (made after the aforementioned Gulf War) lists copper, chains, paint, canvas, woodbase, mirror, neon, copper wire, and glass. This is typical. These mixtures of materials and ready-made industrial objects (chains, bottles, pipes, etc.) express and bridge between the industrial, political, cultural or ecological and present an emotional reaction to a multi-systemic reality. This is a multi-cultural and material world the complexity and absurdity of which, as well as the potential power of destruction and/or salvation it contains, can best be seen or experienced in art, and in the state of a multi-media Junk-art object like Frank's. This object is Frank's advanced or enhanced neo-collage and conceptual assemblage. (excerpts: Dr.Michael Sgan-Cohen,1997)
Jerusalem artist Basil C. Frank on winning the Grand Prix Osaka Triennial (print) 1997 the late Dr. Michael Sgan- Cohen, artist, art-critic,Jerusalem1997 wrote his photosculptures communicate a feeling for volume and sculptural space, projecting a high- resolution sculptural presence; they make an effective and free artistic format, original and interesting .Franks works, sometimes kinky and brutal, sometimes more conceptually driven and even formalistic, once more proved to stand against a varied and international background. He is able to remain original and innovative, both in his photographic and his plastic works.
   A congratulatory letter, Sir Charles Saatchi OBE wrote in 1998 'I can see why so many people are excited   by your work'. The late Dr. Harald Szeemann curator of Biennales stated Frank is a 'master of still life' .During the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy.December,2001. Frank was awarded the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" prize for his digital &photographic works ' The Sacrifice and Points of View'. Among the international jurors were Prof. John T.Spike, Prof.Barbara Rose and David S.Rubin. The former curator David Rubin of the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans now San Antonio Museum wrote, , 'Frank's award-winning works was among the more cutting-edge work on view'.
The Editor Gerhardt Charles D.Rump culture. De Welt newspaper Friday 10 th March wrote; Frank always finds his public. During the Biennale in Beijing in 2005 at the Millennium Museum, visitors lined up three rows deep around the photographs of his installations on the seashore.
Mr. Feng Jiao International Organizing Director of   the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Fine Arts 2008 wrote May 05, 2008 ;     Dear Basil,    Please do not hesitate to join us. Because here is part of our artists list that your work will be exhibited with: Cy twombly ,Mimmo Paladino ,Ben Vautier ,kim Hyang ,Omar Galliani ,Fabrizio Plessi ,Jannis Kounellis ,Alfredo Sosabravo ,Jeffrey Isaac ,Fabio Mauri