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Peter Mangan

P.O. Box 1656
Blanco, TX 78606, U.S.A.
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Phone: 415.235.4867

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Artist's Statement


My current focus in sculpture explores the human figure.  A basic silhouette is a starting point we can all relate to.  What makes up a person:  the memories, humor, quirks, faults, and emotions?   What of the external environment: relationships, possessions, location, time, and obstacles?  These are concepts I choose to explore through sculpture.

I decided to be an artist as a child and focused on it through my education.  Through a lucky break, I worked at a traditional stained glass studio (John Keberle Studio in Dallas) for a summer.  That experience opened the door to glass being an artist’s medium. 

Fused glass appealed to me because it seemed new, even though it actually pre-dates glassblowing.  I got an apprenticeship at the Bullseye Glass Co. Fusing Ranch in the early 1980's.  The knowledge from that period continues to inform my artwork.  Learning to weld at a vocational school in San Francisco allowed metals to become a more important part of my work.  This also made an increase in scale possible.  The solid strength of metal is a good contrast to the delicate transparency of glass.  I use both old and new techniques, from plasma cutting to blacksmithing and computer controlled kilns to medieval glass painting methods.

Living and working in the wide-open spaces of Texas encourage the creation of outdoor sculptures.