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Markian Olynyk

2776 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6L 2J9, Canada
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Phone: (604) 738-9791     Fax: Fax: (604) 738-9722

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Markian Olynyk has an extraordinary portfolio of large scale and intimate glass art pieces that are revered both at home and internationally. For over 30 years Olynyk has designed and installed site-specific commissions, screens and freestanding glass works for private collections, established corporations, and public spaces. Brilliant pigmentation, innovative carving, complex applications of lacquer, and the interplay of texture against transparency define the intricate organic beauty of his work.



  • Bent glass sculpture for entry lobby clerestory windows (in collaboration with Brian Baxter)
    • Port Moody Recreation Complex, BC
  • Memorial wall mural
    • Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC
  • Series of sculptures, windows and mobiles
    • Sonora Resort, Sonora Island, BC


  • Series of windows for Thomas G. Carpenter Library
    • University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
  • Suspended Lobby Sculpture, University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry
    • Vancouver, BC
  • 3-storey reflective glass wall mural
    • HSBC Bank Canada, Vancouver, BC


  • Series of curved glass walls for main concourse
    • Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD
  • Glass Lobby Sculpture
    • St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, Lincoln NE                     
  • Atrium Entry Windows
    • New England Biolabs, Beverly, MA
  • Ceiling / Skylight Sculpture
    • 250’ private yacht - Attessa III


  • Glass lobby sculpture
    • GJ Cloninger and Co., Morris Plains NJ
  • Glass sculpture and windows
    • Private residence, Racine WI


  • Glass lobby partition wall
    • Montefaro Developments, La Jolla CA


  • Carved and painted glass partitions
    • Café Luca, Japan
  • Etched, carved and painted wall murals
    • Highline Hospital, Burien, WA


  • Suspended glass ceiling, furniture, front door
    • Private residence, Vancouver
  • Carved and painted glass screen
    • Gambro Healthcare Unit, Nashville TN


  • Carved and painted glass screen Campus
    • Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL                   
  • Glass Mural Wall
    • General Motors Place, Vancouver


  • Carved and painted logo wall Selkirk Financial Group, Chicago           
  • Layered glass wall mural
    • Oceanic Plaza Lobby, Vancouver


  • Glass, steel and concrete water fountain sculpture (in collaboration with Brian Baxter)
    • Air Canada, Vancouver International Airport      
  • Bent, carved and painted commemorative sculpture
    • Canada Place, Vancouver
  • Carved and painted wall mural and elevator cabs
    • World Trade Centre, Vancouver


  • Series of glass entry screens (in collaboration with Brian Baxter)
    • Private residence of  Mr. William Gates, Seattle WA


  • Carved glass screens with applied glass details
    • Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Vancouver


  • Series of themed glass partition walls
    • Vancouver International Airport, Gates 1-8
  • Mixed media reflective mural wall
    • Renfrew Library, Vancouver


  • Windows for “Quiet Room”
    • Surrey Cancer Clinic, Vancouver


  • Glass water fountain and series of glass partition walls
    • Blue Horizon Hotel, Vancouver
  • Mixed media mural walls
    • Placer Dome Inc., Vancouver


  • Carved glass screen with applied glass details
    • Reception area of Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver


  • Carved and sandblasted glass mural
    • Victoria International Airport


  • Commemorative dedication window laid by Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Expo ’86
    • Vancouver


  • Carved glass screen
    • Offices of Winter Olympics Committee in Calgary


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