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Patrick T. Dougherty

9007 Dodsons Crossroads
Chapel Hill, NC 27516, U.S.A.
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Phone: (919) 967-6533

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Artist Statement:

I construct large-scale temporary sculptures that are built on site from tree saplings gathered in the nearby landscape. I use the linear quality of the saplings to sketch out large gestural forms. These forms are often worked into an existing architectural space in such a way as to suggest reciprocity between contemporary architectural structures and a much more ancient and direct way of building. I believe one's childhood shapes his or her choice of materials as an artist. For me, it was exploring the underbrush of my hometown in North Carolina. When I turned to sculpture in the 1980s, it seemed easy to call up the forces of nature and incorporate scoring, sheering and twisting into the surfaces of my sculptures. Using the shafts of a branch one -way, and the finer top ends in another; I developed three decades of work that I have come to think of as shelters of transition.