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Sylvia Dabbah

Via Garibaldi 143
none, 20034, Venezuela
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Phone: 3357260394

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Sylvia Dabbah’s biography:
I was born in Nice (France) in 1953, lived for six years in England and Wales and from 1963 have been living in Milan, Italy.
I studied languages and drama after high-school; I began creating sculptures in the 80's after having followed a jewellery course with the Italian sculptor Davide De Paoli of the "Arte Povera" movement.

My sculptures are abstract and I usually use metals which I assemble and sometimes cast in bronze. It's difficult to explain how one creates a sculpture, however I proceed by choosing already made shapes which I sometimes modify and assemble them in different ways until I feel the sculpture goes beyond being an aesthetic object and that the metal material magically vibrates, has a soul.