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Steven Dolbin

50 Fish Hatchery Road
Shippensburg, PA 17257, U.S.A.
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Phone: 717-360-9460

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Brief Biography


Steve Dolbin, received a MFA from Pratt Institute, a recognized sculptor, performance artist and published art educator he has exhibited his work throughout the United States and Britain.  Dolbin is the recipient of numerous awards such as the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Grant. His work is included in numerous private and public collections and is featured in the seminal textbook on Sculpture and three-dimensional design “Shaping Space by Zelanski and Fisher.  Articles concerning his work have appeared in The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine and others. Steve has taught at institutions such as The University of Connecticut, The University of Massachusetts, Pratt Institute and Amherst College. Steve is currently a full-time professor of sculpture and the former Chairperson of the Department of Art at Shippensburg University.  


The Genesis Of My Personal Work


In the making of my work I seek to understand my life experience and creative compulsion. I have found much insight from my exploration of humanities bond with the land. The breadth of my work deals with the spiritual dialogue humans once had with the physical landscape and the more economic/ resource oriented relationship that has come to dominate the present. Through my work of the past two decades, I have tried to reveal some of the more enigmatic properties that exist in our kinship with our environment. I strive to connect my viewers with universal and intuitive feelings that are often dismissed. I try to accomplish this with works that recall ancient monuments and relics, yet are directly tied to the technology that has changed our planet’s surface and helped to form our present culture. Material gleaned from our present day surroundings has played an important role in my work. The incorporation of mortal, synthetic, and natural materials into my work has proven essential to my expression. For me these elements not only reflect our intrusion into geologic time but also hearken to our present urban existence.