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Esmoreit Koetsier

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none, 92860, Venezuela
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Phone: (951) 204-6211

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Art and the creation of artwork are difficult to explain. Many people ask me why I create sculptures. When answering these inquires I seem to always come up with different reasons. I believe that every person needs a creative outlet. There needs to be a way to turn your creativity into a physical object. My method is to transform pieces of steel into objects of conversation.

When I was a child, my father would spend his weekends scouting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area capturing his creative thoughts through his camera lens. Accompanying him on many of these ventures put me in touch with many forms of public art. I never really thought to deep about the artwork but they did make a lasting impression. From my youth to adult life, creating things was something that happened either from work or hobbies. Something was still missing, a true release of my creativity.

Within the past five years I realized the creation of my sculptures lets me express myself when there is no other way to do so. When a certain thought or feeling can be expressed in a physical way, and I execute the physical way, then I have released my creativity.





Esmoreit Koetsier is a Dutch born design engineer with a passion for art. As a child Esmoreit remembers the presence of artwork in public places. These experiences along with his current professional career were the motivating factors in his interest in art. His sculptures reflect experiences in his life or in society. He combines years of experience in metal fabrication and product development to achieve the creation of sculptures that range from abstract to industrial. Esmoreit prefers to work in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

While in school, Esmoreit spent a semester in Florence Italy. This experience along with travels throughout Europe deepened his desire to create art. Upon his return, he became more and more focused on sculpture. His work ranges in size from small to large scale. Currently four of his works are displayed in various public locations and private collections.

Esmoreit is continuing his education in art and design. He works from his home studio in Lake Elsinore California. Some of his other interests include sailing, photography, climbing and traveling.






born: 1975


self taught

design engineer

associates degree

international sculpture center (isc)

since 2003

absolute arts

since 2004


since 2004


since 2005
exhibitions & competitions:  

October 2006-October 2007 “Balance” "JW Marriott Sculpture Exhibition 2006/2007"- Palm Desert, California
May 2005-September 2005 "Energie II" "Color Forms, Art in Public Places Exhibition"- Stamford, Connecticut
December 2004-October 2006
“Balance” "El Paseo Exhibition 2004/2006"- City of Palm Desert, California
August 2003-May 2005 “Circumfusion” "South San Francisco Sculpture Competition"- South San Francisco, California
August 2003-March 2006
“Contortion” "Washburn University Eighth Annual Sculpture Competition"- Topeka, Kansas
April 2001-october 2001
“Iospace” "The Big Sculpture Contest"-Palos Verdes, California
June 2006 "Contortion" Private Collection-Paso Robles Wine Country, California
March 2006 "Elevation"

The Fluor Corporation-Irving, Texas

May 2005 "Circumfusion" The Buchanan Partners-Heritage Hunt Commercial Park-Gainesville, Virginia
January 2005 Various Works The Yuspeh Collection- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 2002 “Injection” Riverside Community College- Norco, California
October 2001
“Paradiso” Pomona Downtown Center- Pomona, California