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Alexander Tylevich

1937 Highland Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116, U.S.A.
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Phone: 651-690-4117     Fax: 651-690-4117

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Alexander Tylevich resume



Selected Public Artworks                                                                                                      1989 – present


- Public Safety Building (Salt Lake City, UT): Through the Safety Lens, 3-fold suspended sculpture.

  Commissioned by Salt Lake City Public Art Program


- St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN): Two suspended multi-media sculptures.

  Commissioned by the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places Program


- Normandale Community College (Bloomington, MN): Garden of Learning, set of 2 sculptures.

  Commissioned by the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places Program


- University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN): A-Spire, 80’-tall suspended multi-media sculpture.

  Commissioned by the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum Art in Public Places Program


- Inver Hills Community College (Inver Grove Heights, MN): 11 site-specific multi-media installations.

  Commissioned by the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places Program


- Louisiana State Museum (Baton Rouge, LA): River of Memory, 30’x12’x7’ suspended multi-media

  sculpture. Commissioned by Louisiana Percent for Art Program


- University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN): St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel Renovation

  Winner of the 2008 International IFRAA Design Award


- University of St. Thomas (Minneapolis, MN): St. Thomas More Chapel, with 3,000 sq. ft. site-specific   

  art glass installation and bronze doors. Winner of two 2006 International IFRAA Design Honor Awards

  and the 2007 National Sculpture Society Henry Hering Art and Architecture Award


- DePaul University (Downtown Chicago, IL): Vincentian Letter, 23’-high bronze and steel sculpture


- Blue Springs Convention Center (Blue Springs, MO):, a site-specific sculpture.

  Named “Favorite of the Year” by Americans for the Arts Year in Review 2003


- Design for Harriet Island Park Development (St. Paul, MN): Worked as artist-consultant with Wallace

  Roberts & Todd Architects (Philadelphia, PA) and RRT Architects (St. Paul, MN) 


- Minnesota State University (Mankato, MN): Letterdance: Step One, Step Two, Step Three…

  Three site-specific multi-media installations.


- FORECAST Public Artworks (St. Paul, MN): Tribute to Erich Mendelsohn, a sculptural triptych for       

  Mount Zion Temple in St. Paul.


- Winona Technical College Aviation Facility (Winona, MN): a sculptural ensemble consisting of

   a 30’-high Triumphal Arch, a bronze sculpture of Charles Lindbergh, and a Ceremonial Table.

  Commissioned by the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places Program


Private collections: Russia, Belarus, USA, Poland, Israel and England * North Shore Synagogue (Syosset, NY) * Mount Zion Temple (St. Paul, MN) * St. Paul Seminary (St. Paul, MN) * St. Joseph Abbey (St. Benedict, LA) * Mepkin Abbey (Moncks Corner, SC) * Arca Artium Collections (St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN) * Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (Durham, NC) *



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Artist/Architect, Fine Arts Foundation (Minsk, Belarus)                                                          


Fine Arts Foundation was a state-run collective of artists and architects. I was responsible for client interaction, project management, supervision, concept definition, detailed spatial and interior design, with emphasis on site-integrated art for various public buildings, research centers, restaurants and entertainment complexes, and residences.


Principal and Senior Architect, Minskproject (Minsk, Belarus)                                              


Minskproject was a state-run design collective of architects, engineers and artists. I was responsible for team supervision, concept definition, planning and design. Contributed to the Master Plan for the Center of Minsk. Analyzed and planned several major districts of the city, incorporating infrastructure, transportation systems and public art. Designed underground subway system, four subway stations and numerous public buildings, including the Minsk City Government Building, malls, a theater, an assembly hall, an arboretum and several parks, public sculptures and monuments. Contributed to design of the Minsk Historic District, including design for preservation and reuse of historic structures.


Academic Background


*  B.A. Architecture, Minsk Architectural College

*  M.A. Architecture, Byelorussian Politechnical Institute, Minsk

*  Private studies in sculpture with Professor Zair Azgur




*  The Henry Hering Memorial Medal, 2007

*  2006 International IFRAA Design Awards

*  2008 International IFRAA Design Award

*  2010 International IFRAA Design Awards


*  Elected Fellow of the Architectural Association of the USSR

*  Member of project teams that were awarded many gold medals and first prizes in Byelorussian and

    national architectural competitions


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