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Robert Jacobs

P.O. Box 624
Cambria, CA 93428, U.S.A.
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Robert Jacobs is a versatile sculptor with over twenty years of professional experience. His work can be seen in California art galleries from Marin to San Diego Counties. Robert's recent works "Athena" and "Prometheus" use mythological themes to express emotional, psychological and spiritual transformation.
"For myself, the creative process often begins with the arrival of visual concepts and word imagery in the form of poetry. The word images are surreal and metaphysical, connecting the concepts of mythological and archetypal forms of the unconscious mind to the conscious creative process of sculpture and painting which follows. I have been interested in mythology since I was a child and I continue to study these archetypal symbols through reading, film and dreams. The point in time and space that an artist occupies is quite small, but the connection an artist can make with the infinite imagination is limitless."
For information on current and upcoming exhibitions write to: Robert Jacobs, P.O. Box 624 Cambria, CA.93428 or email:
California State University, Long Beach CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, 1980 
Expressions Gallery, Cambria, California, Group Exhibitions, 2006
Greystone Gallery, Cambria, California
Group Exhibitions 2002 and 2003

Fingerhut Galleries, Sausalito, LaJolla, Laguna Beach and Carmel, California, Group Exhibitions 1999 through 2001
Mana Studios, Orange, CA
Sculptor of miniatures and figurines, 2004 through the present
Fingerhut Group Publishers, Sausalito, CA
Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston bronze, March 1998
Jiang Tiefeng; Fingerhut Group Publishers, Sausalito, CA
Sculptor and foundry consultant to Jiang in the fabrication and
production of bronze sculpture, 1992 through 2000
Charles Bragg's Asylum Studio; Dyansen Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA
Sculptor and foundry consultant to Mr. Bragg in the fabrication and production of bronze sculpture, December 1987 through the present
Robert Lyn Nelson, INC., Lahaina, HI
Sculptor and foundry consultant to Mr. Nelson in the fabrication and
production of bronze sculpture, October 1988 through February 1990.
Creative Energy Resource, Canyon Country, CA
Sculptural miniatures and figurines, February 1991 through March 1998
The Hamilton Collection, Jacksonville, FL
Sculptural miniatures and figurines, April 1995 through March 1998
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, North Hollywood, CA
Hall of Fame, bronze statuette of Ed Sullivan, February 1990
Hyatt Regency Alicante Hotel, Garden Grove, CA
The SWA Group; James Lodge and Associates, Hunt Corp., Inc.,
monumental wildlife sculpture, 1986
Applied Entertainment Systems, Sylmar, CA
Sculptural props, sculptural scenic elements, figure maquettes and
full-scale figures for theme parks and film, November 1983 through July 1984 
Pageant of the Masters, Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, CA
Sculpture Department Head: research, design and fabrication of
sculptural and architectural tableaux; supervision of sculpture
department staff, January through July 1983
South Coast Repertory Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA
Scenic Artist, 1981 Season; Lead Scenic Artist, 1981-1982 Season: responsible for all sculptural and scenic elements for two theaters, hiring and supervision of scenic artists.