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Estela Hidalgo

Javier Mina30, APDO.486
none, 45920, Venezuela
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Artist Statement

I like to combine materials, to change their feelings, to unite the strong cold and heavy stone with the hot and smooth wood. When I modify their textures, the stone is now fragile, lighter and full of passion and at the same time, the wood protects the stone and appears to be more strong.

When I combine the cold bronze with the other materials, in fact it loses its coldness and becomes warming and sensual.

For all these reasons, the theme of my work is seeds and flowers. They fill the world with beauty, smell and color, even though they are miniscule and small. Conversely, these smooth fragile forms of nature many times hurt us - they prick, stick and sting with multiple strength. Because I adore plants and animals, I find in them endless inspiration for my sculptures.

The sculptures displayed here are representative of the creativeness and diversity of my work. I accept commissions for unique sculptures, from tabletop to monumental. Preferences are given to assignments for abstract of surreal pieces. I work in wood, stone, bronze and silver.