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Timothy Andrew Kussow

652 Browns Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06268, U.S.A.
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Phone: 860.512.2679     Fax: 860.512.2661

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Timothy Andrew Kussow Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 29th, 1970


Master of Fine Arts/Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 1998.

Major: Sculpture

Master of Arts/Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 1997.

Major: Sculpture

Bachelor of Arts/Art, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, May 1993

Major: Sculpture

Minor: Communications and the Arts/Graphic Design

Professional Program in Art Education K-12

Freshman Foundations Art Program, Kansas City Art Institute, MO. 1988-89

Professional Experience:


Associate Professor of Sculpture (Tenure 2004), Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT.


Coordinator Visual Fine Arts Program (Chair)

Spring 1998

Adjunct Prof./Sculpture, Carroll College, Waukesha, WI.


Art Department Chair/K-12 Visual Arts Instructor, Orangeville Community Unit School District #203, IL.


"This facitlity with which children satisfy their imagination is a token of the spiritiuality of their artistic concepts. The toy is the child's initiation into art, or rather, it is his initiation into its practical application, and when he has cometo man's estate no perfect work of art will ever arouse in him the same warmth, of the same enthusiasm, of the same confidence."

Charles Baudelaire