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Jeff Owen

2965 Rustic Drive
San Jose, CA 95124, U.S.A.
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Phone: (408) 364-6639

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Jeff Owen - Metal Sculptor

Jeff Owen is a SF Bay area and nationally recognized abstract metal sculptor. His sculptures express the emotions, concepts, dreams, and patterns he sees in life. Jeff is most noted for his steel sculptures but he also creates sculptures with aluminum, and incorporates rock, copper, stucco, and glass in his sculptures. His glass-steel sculptures are created in unison with Marc Demian of Demian Glass. Jeff's sculptures have won awards at the Palm Springs Museums National Juried Exhibition, Carmel’s Sculpture in the Park state juried exhibition, Santa Clara Sculpture Exhibition and other venues. He sells his sculptures locally at fine art shows, at his San Jose, CA. studio, and the internet. His sculptures are present in more than 30 states in the US, and overseas in Australia.


Artist’s Statement


Weekly I travel to scrap metal yards throughout California, looking for interesting pieces of steel. When I find something special I grab it and take it back to my studio. It may take me only moments, or many months discover what that piece wants or needs to become, then I fulfill its destiny.


My creative process emerges with patterns. I incorporate patterns into all my sculpture. Taking one piece of steel, adding to it, or deleting from it, then ending when the sculpture encompasses all of my creativity, this is what charges up my artistic energies. When my creative force is flowing, I work on a sculpture to completion. It is finished when the creative flow ends.


My aspiration is to create unique sculpture, something that no one has done before. I resist conformity and mass production. My art is as individual as I am.


Thank you,


Jeff Owen