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Won Lee

658 Bloor St.W
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1K9, Canada
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Phone: (416) 535-9988     Fax: (416) 535-7010

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Artist's Statement



The material stares at me,

I stare at it back,

in time, it whispers,

I whisper back,

it takes me to its heart,

feel its pulses, its wishes, its "affect".

A form emerges, accompanying me to the world of primordial,

to the world of sacred, where the primal desire roams free,

the profane dissipates, shamans speak the moment' truth.

I become the moment,

become one with the moment,

the form becomes,

becoming the moment,

the material becomes,

speaks with "affect".

The work speaks,

speaks of "incorporeal materiality."


  -Won Lee




Won Hyong Lee
Curriculum Vitae                      
Johnson State College, Vermont, USA (M.F.A)                                                                               
Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, USA (B.F.A)
Past Exhibitions (most recent)              
-2009, Thierry Blouet Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (solo show)                                  
-2008, Thierry Blouet Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (solo show)                             
-2007, The Muse Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo show)                                               
-2007, The Loft Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (solo show)                                              
-2006, Dibden Centre for Arts Vermont, USA (solo show)
Recent Bibliography of Critical Reviews
-2009, Featured Artist in “Wolgan Visual Art Magazine”, Seoul, Korea (February p. 145 – 1
-2009, “Bay Vallarta”, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, No. 130 (March 6 – 20 p. 22 – 23)                  
-2008, Featured Artist in “Sculpture Magazine”, Published by International Sculpture Centre (May, P. 55-57)                          
-2008, “Arquitectura Urbana”, Guadalajara Mexico (February, p. 54 – 55)                
-2008, “Puerto Vallarta Mirror”, Art and Culture, Art Shore (November 20, p. 1 – 2)           
-2007, “SISA Journal”, Seoul Korea (April 17, p. 42- 45)                            
-2007, “Johnson City Record Courier”, Texas, USA (Thursday May 24, p. B8)                  
-2007, “Country Lifestyle”, Texas, USA (July and August, p. 19)                                    
-2007, “Weekly News Journal”, Seoul Korea (August 7, p. 78 – 79)                                         
-2007, “The Burlington Free Press”, Vermont, USA (Thursday, September 27, p. 27)           
-2007, “Banderas News”, Art Talk Sec; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
(Wednesday December 12, p.1)
Recent Invitations and Public Presentations
-Jan to Feb 2010
Participates in Puerto Vallarta Stone Sculpture Symposium, Mexico                               
-2009, Featured Artist in Wol Gan Misul, Seoul  Korea                                                  
-2009, Visiting Artist of Zhang Feng Sculpture Studio,Bejing,China
-2009, Lecture on Deluzian Aesthetics in Qing Hwa University of Beijing, China                   
-2009, Invited to The Florence Biennale, Italy
-2009, Resident Artist, Zhang Feng Sculpture Studio, Beijing, China             
-2009, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at Luxun Academy of Fine Art, Shen Yang, China        
-2008, Participated International Sculpture Symposium, Bundang Memorial Park, Korean 
-2008, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at Dan Kook University, Seoul, Korea                     
-2008, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at San Eop University, Seoul, Korea                        
-2008, Resident Artist at Jin Wha Bronze Studio, Dalian, China                                
-2007, Resident Artist at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore                                   
-2007, Participated at the “International Wood Sculpture Symposium”, Singapore               
-2007, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at Benini Foundation, Texas, USA                             
Recent Invitations and Public Presentation
-2007, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at Institutio Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
-2007, Resident Artist at Jin Wha Bronze Studio, Dalian, China                                
-2006, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at McMichael Museum, Toronto, Canada    
-2006, Lecture on Deleuzian Aesthetics at Raul Angiano Museum, Guadalajara, Mexico   
-2006, Resident Artist at Jin Wha Bronze Studio, Dalian, China                                        
-2006, Participated Gwang Wha Moon Art Festival, Seoul, Korea                                        
Recent Invitations and Public Presentations
-2005, Lecture on Postmodern Art Theories at Dalian University, China                           
-2005, Lecture on Postmodern Art Theories at San Eop University, Korea                             
-2005, Coordinated Sculpture workshop at Jin Wha Bronze Studio, Dalian, China              
-2005, Participated An Giang Sculpture Symposium, Viet-Nam                   
-2004, Lecture on Postmodern Art Theories, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China               
-2004, Participated Mosan Museum International Sculpture Symposium, Korean     
-2004, Resident Artist of Vermont Studio Center, USA
-2008, Master Achievement Award, Johnson State College, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Other Activities Relating to Art Practice
Currently Serving as:                         
-Trustee of Vermont Studio Center (USA)                                                                             
-A Member of Board of Directors of Toronto School of Art (Canada)                                
-A Professional Circle Member of International Sculpture Center (USA)                         
-Advisor of Zwolle International Sculpture Space
(Zwolle, Netherlands) 
Life Size Collections by Institution
The Pride of The Valley Sculpture Park
Sculpture Park
Mosan Museum Sculpture Park 
Whi Moon High School                                                                                                                             
Bun Dang Memorial Park                                                                                                 
An Giang International Sculpture Ranch 
Benini Foundation Sculpture Ranch
Johnson State College
Fort Canning National Park
Peter Gray Museum