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Kathleen Ball Ph,D.

PO Box 672
Mountain Ranch, CA 95246, U.S.A.
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Phone: (209) 754-9492

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Kathleen's work is a physical manifestation of her life experiences. She has been an artist and scientist since childhood, exploring the many wonders and media of life. She works in bronze, glass, ceramic, oil and acrylic, natural occurring elements such as fire, water, air and earth. She began to sculpt at the age of seven and after half a life-time as a mural and portrait painter, silk-screen printer, interior designer, she naturally gravitated back to her first love, sculpture, at the age of thirty-three. Since then she has been working in ceramic, bronze and multi-media installations for over twenty- five years with works of art included in both public and private collection throughout the U.S, Canada, Europe and New Zealand, Egypt and Bosnia. Among these are, her sculpted portrait of Leonardo da Vinci is included in the permanent collection of Art at the Vinci Museum in Vinci, Italy, a First Place/Best of Show creation for the “World Peace Prize” entitled. “As the World Turns” is on permanent display in the San Francisco Bay Area East Bay, Adobe Art Center, a sculpted portrait of Henry Sisheiro Okazaki presented at the National Karate Ceremonials, the original design and completion of bronze plaques for the City of Angels Camp's mine tours, a variety of wall installations completed between 1995-1999 for The Foundation of Higher Learning and portrait busts of Willie Nelson and Johnny Depp.

Her first large Installations were completed and exhibited while maintaining her studio in San Francisco from 1995-1998 entitled “Union of Opposites”, “Unearthing the Goddess”, “Anatomy of an Artist” and “Transfiguration l”. Much of the original inspiration for these eventually resulted in the exhibition, “Transfiguration 2012”, a body of work expressing her many years of research in quantum physics as it relates to consciousness, neurobiology, DNA and world-wide mystical belief systems. This work debuted in Sausalito and has traveled throughout Northern California as it continues to evolve.

Kathleen's most recent works include “Transfiguration Xl “ which exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012-14, “The Return of Angels” which included a seven foot Angel surrounded by pairs of smaller bronze fallen angels and their human counterparts and their Nephilim offspring, which exhibited in 2013. Private commissions include a prolific variety of paintings, drawings and wall murals.


One of Kathleen's passions encompasses world-wide travel and archeological discovery. As a result, she has traveled extensively visiting ancient sites and archeological digs which in turn have contributed to and inspired her work. This passion for discovering life's secrets has also spurred her on the to complete a Ph,D. In Philosophy of Metaphysical Sciences which she received for her contribution to the field of Consciousness and DNA studies. She is in the process of completing a book entitled, “Descent Into Flesh” due to be completed in 2015.

To supplement her income as a professional artist, Kathleen teaches anatomy and figurative sculpture, most recently at Columbia College. She has taught, designed and originated a variety of art classes and programs throughout the Central Sierra Foothills area from grade school to university levels. She has also provided art demonstrations for County Fairs, public and private organizations, and public television programs for the past fifteen years. Her television show, “Art and Culture with Kathleen Ball” continues to show on TSPN TV.


In addition to a Ph, D. Kathleen holds a Masters of Fine Art degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a Bachelors of Art degree in Studio Art and Multicultural Studies from the Union Institute and University in Sacramento.


“Art has brought me full circle with the paradoxes of life, it has provided me a means to communicate and synthesize my interpretation of life's secrets and magic. I am not sure if I am creating art, or it is creating me.”