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CAROLINE  RAMERSDORFER                                                                                           has participated in expositions worldwide and since 1986 has been commissioned to create a number of large site specific sculptures in urban and park environments. They are installed in permanent private and public Art Collections in Europe, Japan,Taiwan,China, Canada, Egypt, U.S.A , Argentina, Abu Dhabi and Dubai,United Arab Emirates where she was awarded first prize at the 2005 Emaar International Art Symposium in 2005. In 2006 she won the golden award for her sculpture at the Renaissance and Rising International City of Sculpture and Cultural Year in Zhengzhou,China.  She was awarded a merit award at the international maquette show of project proposals for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her piece Seed of a unified Spirit is permant installed between Birdsnest and Watercube in Beijing facing the Olympic tower,Egypt,Taiwan.pdf 

Ramersdorfer's sculptural projects were selected to be permanently installed in Urumqi, China(Harmonious development Sculpture Park, 2009);   in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China (The International Friendship Sculpture Park, 2010); in Abu Dhabi (ADISS: Bridging Society through the Language of Art, 2010)       ; in Belize City, Belize ( Sculpting the Vision, 30th Anniversary of Independence, 2011)                      and on the grounds of the Creative Arts Guild, in the Robert T.Webb Sculpture Garden in Dalton, 2011 

Ramersdorfer was invited to participate at the XII Cairo Biennale in Egypt from 12/12/2010-02/12/2011

1979           Sorbonne, Culture and french Civilisation, Paris, France
1981- 83    International University of Art UIA, Arthistory, Analizing and Restauration of                         Renaissance Fresco paintings, Museumscience, Florence, Italy
1983- 88    Academy of Fine Arts - Sculpture, Carrara, Italy
1988           Thesis :‘Sculpture and Environment. A project in nature’.  MFA  : S.C.L.
1991-92  Austrian Ministry of Art and Education Vienna for Japan
1993        New York City
1997        Federal Chancellery Vienna and UNESCO Paris for Project Carambolage:                           Art and Cultural exchange with the caribbean westindyisland Dominica
2005        Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Emaar Artsymposium 1st Prize
2006        Zhengzhou, China : exposition of 120 selected projects during the           
                  International City of Sculpture & Cultural year: Golden Award
                  Beijing, China International maquette show , proposals for the Beijing                                   Olympic park in 2008: merit award – and finalist.
1986       Forme nel Verde - Dodici Scultori fra natura e geometria. S.Quirico d’Orcia,Italy
1988       Un luogo die Scultura-Tendenze e suggestioni. Florence, Italy
1990       KuenstlerInnen. Castle of Meersburg/Lake of Constance, Germany
1993       Transparency. Palais Liechtenstein Feldkirch, Austria
1994       Artforum - Hallein, Salzburg; 7 Neue. Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz,                                     Vorarlberg, Austria
1996       6. Art 9560. Amthof Feldkirchen, Carinthia, Austria
1997       Art in the center - Art centered. Vaduz, Liechtenstein and Feldkirch, Austria
1998       Carambolage. Projectspace of the academy of Fine Arts , Vienna Austria
1999       Station Gallery Taipeh, Taiwan
2000       Bordercontact. Installation at Railway Station Schaan-Vaduz, Liechtenstein;
2000       Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz, Austria
2002       Inner Views, Literaturhaus, Vienna, Ausria; Palais Liechtenstein, Feldkirch,                          Austria; Gallery of Contemporary Art Fellner von Feldegg Krefeld, Germany;                    English Dictionary, Museum of                         Contemporary Art MAC, Marseille, France
2003       Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden, Germany; Jubilee exposition : 30 years Palais
                 Liechtenstein, Feldkirch,Austria; Shanghai. View on Public Art, China Sculpture                  Space .
2005        Return to indoor – Sculpture Institute, Beijing, China.                                                                 Salon des Arts,                                     Kensington, London,UK.
2005       Project Transfer , Gallery Prisma , Bolzano, Italy. Gallery Fellner von Feldegg,                      Krefeld, Germany
2006        An International City of Sculpture, Zhengzhou, China. Beijing, China                                      International maquette show, proposals for the Beijing Olympic park in 2008;
2007       John Davis Gallery,Hudson, NY; Gallery Fellner von Feldegg, Krefeld,Germany
2008       Silver Bay, Lake George, NY, Dialogues in Balance 
2011       C Fine Art , New York, Uncommon Grounds , Bridgehampton, Log Island NY              

1989       Skulptur und Struktur, Gallery Dr. Rhomberg Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
1991       Skulptur, Gallery Ruth Allemann Zurich, Switzerland
1992       Bridge of imagination - Shimada Museum Kumamoto and Yufuin Art                                      Museum,Japan
1994       Skulptur. Gallery Ruth Allemann Zurich, Switzerland; Hibiki. Gallery Mune                            Yufuin,Japan
1995       Art in town - installation church of St.John’s Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria
1996       Artforum Kramsach, Tyrol. Gallery Holzer Villach, Carinthia, Austria
1997       Constructed space and crossborder projects Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria
1999       Layers-Light-Sight. Gallery Le Monde Fukuoka; Gallery Mune Yufuin,Japan
2000       The way of Platon. Installation church of  St. John’s Feldkirch, Austria
2001       Inner Views. Gallery Le Monde Fukuoka, Japan
2004       Sculptures at Zima – Construction Holding, Dornbirn, Austria;
2007       Lake Placid Center for the Arts , Lake Placid , New York, with John van Alstine          
2008       Perrella Gallery, Johnstown New York, Fulton Montgomery Community                  College John Davis Gallery, Hudson,NY                                                                                                     2011      Costas Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD                                                                             

1992       Shimada Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan
1992       Yufuin Art Museum, Japan
1994       Vorarlberg County Museum, Bregenz, Austria
1998       Eda Garden Museum, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan
2001       Federal Chancellery Museum Artothek City of Vienna, Austria
2002       Culture Departement Museum City of Vienna, Austria
2003       RAIBA Bank Art Collection, Bregenz, Austria
2004       Vorarlberg County Museum, Bregenz, Austria
2006       City of Zhengzhou, China
2007       City of Vienna, Art Ministry , Austria
2008       Beijing City , Olympic Green,                                                                                                2011       Beijing City Tsinghua University Campus 
2011       Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden Dalton, Georgia U.S.A

1986       Carrara, Italy
1990       Hohenems, Austria
1991       Sculpture Park, Kumamoto-Ken, Japan
1992       Muraoka - cho, Hyogo-Ken, Japan
1995       Krastal-Klagenfurt, Austria
1999       Hualien, Taiwan
2000       Telc, Czech Republic
2002       Kettering  Ohio, U.S.A 
2005       Dubai , United Arab Emirates
2006       Kaoshung / Taiwan
2007       Hualien, Taiwan
2008       Cairo, Egypt 
2009       Urumqi, China                                                                                                                   2010       Ordos, China                                                                                                                     2010       Abu Dhabi, UAE                                                                                                                 2011       Belize city, Belize  

1989       Sourcepyramid   Dornbirn, Austria
1990       Lightsensors   Dornbirn, Austria
1996       Energy III Austria
1998       Beamspace Eda-Garden Museum, Yokohama, Tokyo-Japan
2000       5 Ringstone project  Fukuoka, Japan
2002       Energy V Vernon, B.C. Canada
2008       Beijing City, Olympic Green,China

VIDEO Concept & Camera
1997       Vienna-Japan (28min) Documentation
1997-98    Gli Amici di Livia (30min) Artproject with Bosnian refugee children in Italy,
           Foundation Livia Benini, Florence, Italy
1998       Carambolage (14min) Artexchange Austria-Dominica
2000       Hualien, Fukuoka, Telc (10min) Documentation

2004       Inatura : Museum of natural History Dornbirn,Austria
2004       Visiting Artist at the Academy of Fine Arts Cheng Du, China 
1985 Carmignano, Firenze, Chiostro di S.Michele, Scultura Artisti stranieri operanti in Italia curated by Mariano Apa: catalogue Arti grafiche Albano, Italy1986 San Qurico d’Orcia, Horti Leonini, Forme nel Verde. Dodici scultori fra natura e geometria, curated by Enrico Crespolti; catalogue Mazzotta Foro Buonaparte 52 - 120121 Milano, ISBN 88-202-0689-7 Italy1986 Carrara, Scolpire all’aperto, VIII Simposio internazinale di Scultura, curated by Pier Cario Santini; catalogue Officine Grafiche Rugani di Lucca nel 1988, Italy1988 Un luogo di Scultura, Tendenze e suggestioni curatet by Anna Laghi, catalogue, Florence, Italy;1990 Caroline Ramersdorfer Sculpture. Text by Prof. Franz Bertel, Susanna Bruni, Mariano Apa, Anna Laghi, Patrizia Veroli, Poems by Norbert Mayer; Josef Hanser grafics, catalogue Schuricht Bludenz, Austria1991 International sculpture symposium, Kikuchi Kogen, Japan. 27 min Videodocumentation 1992 Ramersdorfer Bridge of Imagination photos by Yuko Shimada; catalogue Seiko Sha Co. Kumamoto, Japan1993 Transparenz-Artists in Austria. Palais Liechtenstein Feldkirch curated by Irene Ruetz, Interview by Dr. Ingrid Adamer; catalogue Hämmerle Druck Hohenems1994 One day. Hibiki 7min. Tv Documentation OBS, Oita, Japan;1995 Internationales Bildhauersymposium Krastal - Klagenfurt curated by Verein Begegnung inKaernten, Kulturabteilung Magistrat Klagenfurt; catalogue Kreiner Druck Villach, Spittal a.d.Drau.1997 Artists at the Casino.
Caroline Ramersdorfer. Constructed Space and Crossborder Projects by Albert Ruetz; Rouge & Noir, Bimonthly magazine of the Casino Austria;1997 Caroline Ramersdorfer 2min 30sec ORF, Austrian TV Documentation1999 International Stone Sculpture Symposium and International Famous Works Exhibition, Hualien County Culture Center; catalogue ISBN 957-02-4788-6;2000 Eda Garden Museum. The place for time&heart curated by Yoji Inoue Atelier Heikei Keikaku, 5-38 4 Chuo, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo 103; catalogue Fukuin Co.Ltd. Tokyo, Japan;2000 Caroline Ramersdorfer Installation in St.John’s church, Feldkirch curated by Eva Jakob with text by Mag. Albert Ruetz; catalogue Kulturreferat der Stadt Feldkirch, Palais Liechtenstein, Austria; 2000 International sculpture symposium, Telc. Czech Republic. 30 min Videodocumentation; 2001 Caroline Ramersdorfer Inner Views by Nakayama Mayumi, monthly art magazine, Fukuoka, Japan;2002 Inner View. Expositioncatalogue, Vienna; Rheinische Post (Kulturszene Krefeld) ‘Inner Views das Geheimnis der Zeichen’by Hans Dieter Peschken 6.Mai 2002 Morning Star Vernon, B.C. Canada ‘ Sculptor follows own Philosphy’ by Kristin Froneman, Sunday July 28th,Sept. 4th ‘Marble Sculpture lands at Theater ‘ by Kristin Froneman; a.n FOR ARTISTS magazine, published in Great Britain, november 2002 issue page 40, ways and means byLorna Green; Sculpture magazine 2002, published in Beijing/China page 39;China Sculpture Institute December 2003 issue page 22-24.;2003 Kulturlandschaft Vorarlberg, Wiesbaden, Germany; 2004 ‘Carolines Rock ‘ Documentary film by Jim Elderton 51 min,Vernon &istrict performing Art Center,B.C. Canada;  2004 Great Art, published in Beijing, workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts led by Caroline Ramersdorfer, visiting Artist ;Return to indoor. 2005 Expositioncatalogue Beijing China. 2005 Strategiy, business magazine Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Emaar Int. Art Symposium highlights global Artist community;Ame Info news, Dubai’s success is inspiring for artisits at the Emaar international Art symposium;Vorarlberger Nachrichten newspaperAustria,Culture: Caroline Ramersdorfer receives 1st prize at the award ceremony sundy februry 6th2005 from his Excellency Muhamad Al Mur-Cultural Chairman- at the International Art symposium in Dubai, for creating her piece ‘Inner View’.