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Lin Lisberger

29 Waterville St. #2
Portland, ME 04101, U.S.A.
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Phone: (207) 712-0955

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I am a sculptor and wood carver, informed and inspired by my roots in New England—from the stone walls and open fields of Connecticut, where I was born, to the lake vista of Ithaca, New York, where I grew up, to the woods and ocean of Maine, where I now live. The era of the sixties and seventies, when I grew up and went to college, has also influenced my work, as it reinforced the importance of having a voice.  This necessity to speak up motivates me to take a stand in my art.  As a woman, I am especially conscious of the relationships between and among people. That sensitivity has led me to make sculpture on a human scale, something that reflects the space we occupy, the way we occupy it, the way it occupies us, and the narrative that develops from it.  I am a mother, a wife, and a teacher, so my sculpture also reflects what I have learned from my family and my students, and how I need my connections and my individuality. 

I approach carving wood in a non-conventional way.  Traditional wood carvers find or create blocks of wood that they then carve to create the form they seek.  I prefer to carve, construct, carve some more, and then construct further to allow my sculptures to grow more integrally out of the process.  This layering method allows me to create pieces that are more open and fluid than traditional carvings, and it allows my sculpture to build into or around space in an organic fashion.  Additionally, it lets me incorporate other materials, such as bronze, wire, and plaster, as I create a sculpture.  Some of my sculptures are meant to appear fragile or ephemeral, but they are sturdily constructed with healthy, native New England wood.