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Beth King

P.O. Box 552
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070, U.S.A.
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Phone: (213) 309-1327

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Sculpture Glass + Metal, Wood, Fabric

As you will see in the following images of my sculpture, I explore the physical strength and flexibility of my material, primarily glass, by always seeking the limits of what is possible. in the process, I defy or utilize the force of gravity, and apply such forces as expansion and compression. For example, t subject glass to expansion by applying tension via tightening steel cable; the force of gravity by installing it projecting out from a wall, or upwards above a base; and compression by holding parts together with elastic fabric. All of these methods are signatures of my work.

Through my sculpture you will discover the superior strength of bent compared to flat glass and glass on edge compared to glass horizontal to the floor, the flexibility of glass under it's own weight, and the way glass challenges our perception of it by it's clarity.

With regard to clarity, bent glass invariably has a texture depending upon the temperature the glass reaches while bending, and how much the mold degrades when subjected to that temperature. In other words, the softer the glass becomes, and the more the mold cracks, the more texture the glass picks up from the mold.

You do not always see the texture of bent glass in natural, balanced light. However, when it is spotlighted the texture is revealed by the shadows that are cast. These sculptures, then, can be displayed in two very different ways. Here, some are shown in balanced light, others with spotlights.
All my sculpture looks quite simple, but is complex, and those that appear to be the most quiescent are usually the most active. I hope that you will see not just what forces are at play, but think beyond that, to what might be said about each one, as it relates to what we experience in our lives.


I have a broad art background, beginning with drawing and painting lessons when I was a child. My education included instruction in painting, printmaking, textile design, ceramics, sculpture, and glass. My professional art careers have been equally diverse, including technical illustration, graphic design, sign design, and sculpture.

My career in glass sculpture began in 1995, while I was a graduate student at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. I exhibited at two student shows that summer, one at the Glass Art Society conference in Asheville, North Carolina, and the other during Glass Weekend at Wheaton Village in Millville, New Jersey. John Lawson, director of Habatat Galleries in Pontiac, Michigan, saw my work at both shows and invited me to exhibit my work at Habatat's 24's International in March, two months before my graduation.

While at Alfred University, I also applied for a fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America, housed within an historic glass making facility at Wheaton Village. I was accepted, and was a fellow there for three months in the fall of 1996.

Since then I have shown my sculpture in major exhibitions nation-wide, and am well known in the international glass art community.


  • New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University . MFA , Glass . 1996
  • Pilchuck Glass School , Summer Session 5 . Warren Langley . 1992
  • California College of Arts and Crafts . Sculpture and Glass , 1990 - 1992
  • University of Hawaii at Manva . BFA . Drawing, Painting, Printmaking . 1976


  • Creative Glass Center of America . Wheaton Village . Fall 1996


  • "20/20 Vision" . The Gallery of Fine Glass . Creative Glass Center of America . 2003 , Millville, New Jersey
  • 20th Anniversary Fellows Exhibition . Museum of American Glass . Creative Glass Center of America . 2003 . Millville, New Jersey
  • "Beth King" . Burton gallery . 2002 . Solana Beach, California
  • Two : Testing Limits" . Web Exhibition . National Glass Center, University of Sunderland . 2002 . Sunderland, England
  • Annual Exhibition . Ellis and Samuels . 2002 . Borrego Springs, California
  • "Kinetica" . Nofufi Garden Gallery . 2002. Encinitas, California
  • "Locale" . Nofufi Garden Gallery . 2002 . Encinitas, California
  • "Arts Alive" . Oceanside Museum of Art, Main Street Oceanside . 2001 . Oceanside, California "Glass3 : Strength, Structure, Style" . Oceanside Museum of Art . 1999. Oceanside, California
  • "Calido  Contemporary Warm Glass"
    • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum . 1999. Wausau, Wisconsin
    • Whatcom Museum of History and Art . 1998. Bellingham, Washington
    • Mississippi Museum of Art . 1997 . Jackson, Mississippi
    • Tucson Museum of Art . 1997 . Tucson, Arizona
  • "Introductions '97" . Dorothy Weiss Gallery . San Francisco, California
  • "California Glass" . Signature Gallery . 1997. Del Mar, California
  • "Through the Glass Brightly" . Oceanside Museum of Art . 1997. Oceanside, California
  • "The 25th Annual International Glass Invitational" . Habatat Galleries . 1997. Pontiac, Michigan
  • "The 24th Annual International Glass Invitational" . Habatat Galleries . 1996 . Pontiac, Michigan
  • "South Jersey Glass : Craft, Science and Fine Art" . The Art Gallery . Gloucester County College . 1996 . Sewell, New Jersey
  • "Critical Mass" . 26th G.A.S. Conference . Massachusetts College of Art . 1996 . Boston, Massachusetts
  • Glass Weekend '95 . The Gallery at Wheaton Village . Creative Glass Center of America . Millville, New Jersey
  • 25th Glass Art Society Anniversary Conference . Blue Spiral 1 . 1995 . Asheville, North Carolina
  • "Gallery in 3 Dimensions" . Isaacs, McCaleb & Dancers . 1994 . San Diego, California


  • "Glass Now 2004" . 2004 Glass Weekend . National Liberty Museum . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Juror : William Warmus
  • "Blown Away; New Forms in Glass" . Web Exhibition . PostPicasso . 2004 Juror: Josh Simpson
  • 2004 International Juried Auction Exhibition . Glass Art Society, 310 Annual Conference . New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Jurors : Joel Philip Myers, Susan Stinsmuehlen•Amend
  • "North American Glass 1998" . The Guilford Handcraft Center . Guilford, Connecticut Second Prize
    • Juror : Suzanne Greening
  • 1998 NICHE Awards . Pennsylvania Convention Center . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Finalist, Cast Glass
    • Jurors : Karen Chambers, Cindy Edelstein, Linda Hale, Bobo Pritam Johnson, Tom Markusen, Judith S. Schwartz, David Sloan, Ruth Summers, Christine Simmons
  • "LANJAE : 2 : Los Angeles National Jutted Art Exhibition" . Spanish Kitchen Gallery . 1997 . Los Angeles, California
  • "Festival of Glass '97" . Gallery 21 . Spanish Village, Balboa Park . Art Glass Association of Southern California . San Diego, California First, Mixed Media . Honorable Mention, Hot Glass
    • Jurors : David Ruth, Catherine Sass, Margo Wood


  • "Prayer Tie Tree" . Urban Trees . Port of San Diego . 2005. San Diego, California
  • "Ramp" . Alternate . Urban Trees . Port of San Diego . 2004 . San Diego, California
  • "Signal Mirror" and "Yellow Artillery Corridor" . Morin Headlands . Pacific Coast Battlements . Golden Gate National Recreation Area . 1992 . San Francisco Bay Area, California


  • Carey Wall Residence . 2000. La Jolla, California


  • Dennis La Roche, A.I.A.. La Roche architecture, Inc.. Costa Mesa, California
  • Museum of American Glass . Creative Glass Center of America . Millville, Now Jersey Bill Burton . burton associates, burton gallery . San Diego, California
  • Aviva and Jack Robinson . Aspen, Colorado and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Rick and Judy Conne . Madison, Wisconsin
  • MacArthur Collection . Juan Cordova MacArthur . Chicago, Illinois and Mexico City, Mexico


  • "Preview : Warm is Hot" . Glass . Spring 1997


  • Glass Art Society
  • International Sculpture Center