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Ron Mehlman

80 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217, U.S.A.
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Ron Mehlman’s sculptures combine ancient stone and industrial materials to create a balanced union of modernism and naturalism. The juxtaposition of polished onyx and stone intermixed with layers of sheet glass and steel allows Mehlman to place ancient geology into a contemporary context.

By blending the artist’s hand with the natural formation of the stone, Mehlman incidentally adds several contrasting elements to the composition of his pieces. With the precision of a jeweler, he merges straight cuts and defined angles with the natural curves and cracks of the rock. Selected areas of each stone are carefully smoothed and polished while others are sheared, revealing years of weathering and mineralization on the new textured surface. The stone is often interrupted by layers of glass or steel, creating a contrast of the natural and man-made that is reminiscent of architectural constructivism and results in a balanced, and surprising organization of form.

Mehlman has been exhibiting his work internationally  since the 1970's. He has created many large scale public and private commissioned sculptures, in the United States and Europe. He divides his creative time between his studio in the beautiful countryside of Pietrasanta, Italy, and his workshop in the new Venice of Brooklyn....the Gowanus Canal area, in New York City. He is represented by the Kouros Gallery in New York City and La Subbia Gallery in Pietrasanta, Italy.