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Jeff Lohaus

1706 4th St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413, U.S.A.
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Phone: (612) 805-8815

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I aim to make sculpture that embodies my love of form with my experiences, memories and feelings about the world.  Traveling through six continents, working as a jack of many trades, and pursuing formal studies ranging from philosophy to engineering to fine art, has helped me develop a broad and eclectic perspective on the human experience.  Metal, mined from ancient veins, is well suited to the everyday people, guardians, lost souls, and cocky jokesters I thus invent as timeless archetypes, which present us with questions and conversations.  I think of them as somewhat tragicomic.  They stand as icons transcending the surreal and unstable times we live in.  Metal surely has strength and weight, but it is also malleable and delicate.  I hope that the attitudes of the forms I create, whether quirky or elegant, are arresting in their obvious attributes, yet given time will reveal their complexity of character.