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May Britton

Norfolk, VA -, U.S.A.
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Phone: 757.617.0614

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The visual and functional balance of form occurs so prevalently in the natural world that it has become ingrained in our subconscious and reflective of our identity. Within a broad continuum, art and nature are processes that memorialize who we are and what we experience. By exploring qualities of form and material, I present a visual balance of elements appealing to our intrinsic sense of harmony. 

Bringing together formal minimalism with earth art genre, my figurative and abstract works have included organic elements such clay, wax, wood, water and copper. Believing that nature influences our inherent formalist sense of aesthetics, my work is often suggestive of naturally occurring forms. 

In collaboration with nature I “set the stage” allowing natural processes, such as cracking, peeling, movement, and shadow to occur, minimizing the use of “the artist’s hand” in the outcome. When manually manipulating materials, I base my forms on shapes and repetitive patterns such as those seen in the natural world. To subtly suggest visually what cannot be explicitly said. 

Stephane Mallarme: “To name an object, is to deprive the public of three-quarters of its pleasure. The identity of objects should be revealed gradually…To suggest—that should be the poet’s dream.”