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Rebecca Kamen

1554 Great Falls Street
McLean, VA 22101, U.S.A.
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Phone: 703-883-9535     Fax: 703-883-9509

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Rebecca Kamen has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally.

From 1987-1993 she worked on a cultural exchange project both in the U.S. and China collaborating with Chinese sculptor Zhao Shu Tong. In 1999, as part of the Arts in Embassies Program, Rebecca was invited to Cairo to present lectures on her work. In 1999-2000 Rebecca was awarded a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship. Between 2000-2001 she received two printmaking residencies, one awarded through the NJ Council for Printmaking and the other through Pyramid Atlantic sponsored by a NEA grant.

Ms. Kamen's work is represented in many private and public collections such as, KPMG Peat Martwick Corporation, Gannett Corporation, IBM, Capital One and the Institute for Defense Analysis.


As an artist, the activity of travel, exploring the cultural and geographical array offered by new and unique places, thoroughly influences both my art and my life.

My current body of work recalls up my past memories of travel to places with ancient cultures, including China, Cambodia, Burma and Egypt and Easter Island. As I researched and learned about the art and underlying inspirations and belief systems of these destinations, I discovered similar themes and applications in terms of symbols and approaches found in other cultures. These shared visual signifiers provided me meaning and understanding of these ancient originating societies, without the use of verbal language. And as a result, my travels have allowed me to delve deeper into a culture's visual history and permitted me a revelatory awareness of place and purpose.

These experiences inform my personal artwork, which often references and /or includes universal hybrids. META, like the definition it implies, explores the idea of alteration, transposition, and transcending. Each of the sculptures in this series, incorporates the concept of mapping of time and occurrence, and my longstanding fascination with the relationship of scientific and sacred motifs and writings.

Many of the works have been inspired by unrelated phenomena as diverse as Incan Quipus and String Theory, creating unique, sculptural hybrid forms. MATTER, a series of wire sculptures created for an exhibition at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD, explores my interest in diverse scientific aspects of the Universe, and celebrates the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s discovery of relativity.