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Carlos Basanta

6602 Nanaimo St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V5P 4L2, Canada
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Phone: 604 3224057

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Carlos Basanta – Sculptor
Artist Statement

By inclination and ability I have focused a large measure of my creative effort on Public Art. Adding a sense of beauty, interest and culture to the places where people live, work and relax is very important to me. It also provides me with a unique opportunity to communicate my artistic vision to a broad audience. The unique nature of a site and its function are a source of inspiration to me. I approach the site with respect for its character and try to discover its possibilities and to bring out its qualities.  I have worked in various mediums with intention of creating bold designs that can surprise, delight or challenge the viewer.
I design, execute and install all of my works, giving me the opportunity to explore my own unique treatment of the material, its textures and patinas, and to meet budget objectives. I also have vast experience working in cooperation and coordination with landscape architects, architects and engineers.

Personal Details

  • Place and Date of birth: Spain, 1944.
    Naturalized Canadian: 1976

Academic Training

  • 1962 – 1966- University of Madrid
  • 1975- Guest lecturer, Memphis Academy of Art,
       Memphis, Tenn. USA
       Instructor, Memphis State University

Commissioned projects

  • 2010/11 - Waterloo, Ontario. "Rein in the Wind". RIM Park, Waterloo. (3 sculpture installation).
  • 2009 - New Westminster, B.C. "Ab Ovo - The Fertile Nest". Hyack Square, New Westminster. Winner of the 150th Anniversary of New Westminster Public Art Competition.
  • 2007 - North Vancouver B.C. "In Tandem". 170 W. Lonsdale. N.V. City.
  • 2006 - Port Moody, B.B. "Play". Winner of Public Art Competition for North Shore Community Park (7 sculptures).
  • 2005 – North Vancouver, B.C. Winner of North Lonsdale Townhouses Public Art Competition. (9 sculptures)
  • 2002 – Port Moody, B.C. “Play”. Winner of Public Art Competition for North Shore Community Park (7 sculptures)
  • 2000 – Vancouver B.C. “Oval Reflections” Simon Fraser University. Winner of Millennium project.
  • 1999 – Whistler, B.C. Village Park Public Art. Winner of “Storyteller’s chair” Project.
  • 1998 – Tel Mond, Israel, Educational and Cultural Center. Three Sculptures.
  • 1997 – Holon, Israel. Science and Art Center, “Walking Column”.
  • 1995 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. First International Bank of Israel. “Stonewave”.
  • 1992 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Beit Ya’acobi, Commissioned by City Hall. “Ride”.
  • 1990 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Ha’covshim Park, Mural.
  • 1989 – Caesaria, Israel. Private residence. “Seven Ribbons”.
  • 1988 – Rishon Le Zion, Israel. Private residence. Bronze sculpture.
  • 1985/86 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Even-Ziv Parking building, Carlebach st. fasade “The Yellow Car”.
  • 1985/86 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Even-Ziv Parking building, Saedia Gaon st. fasade. Ceramic tile Mural, “Twelve Cars, One Falling”.
  • 1983 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. FF Ltd. Copper and Ceramic Murals.
  • 1979 – San Francisco, CA, USA. “La Mediterranee”. Copper and Ceramic Murals.
  • 1976 – Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Jericho Park. Haida Mural (Designed by Bill Reid).
  • 1976 – Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Private residence. Whirlpool, Ceramic tile mosaic.
  • 1975 – Memphis, Tenn. USA. AC Thompson Ltd. Mural.
  • 1975 – Memphis, Tenn. USA. Two murals, Commissioned by Chamber of Commerce.
  • 1973 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Blvd. de Maissoneuve & Crescent street. Two Murals.
  • 1972 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Birks Center. Two Murals.
  • 1971 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Milton St. Mural.

Exhibitions (one man)

  • 2001 – Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Buschlen Mowatt Galleries.
  • 1998 – Holon, Israel. Science and Arts Center.
  • 1997 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Golda Meir Center for the Arts.
  • 1994/93/91/89/87 – Jaffa, Israel. Kikar Gallery.
  • 1980 – Kyoto, Japan. Beni Gallery.
  • 1979 – San Francisco, CA, USA.American Institutes of Architects.
  • 1975 – Memphis, Tenn. USA. Memphis State University.
  • 1975 – Memphis, Tenn. USA. Wolf River Center.

Exhibitions (selected collective)

  • 2004 – “Man Who Stole The Golden Egg”. Bellevue Sculpture Exhibit 2004, Downtown Park, Bellevue, WA. Purchased by the City of Bellevue, 2004.
  • 2003 – “House of Ten Columns”. Best of Show Jurors Award, Annual Sculpture Exhibit, Big Rock Garden Park, Bellingham, WA.
  • 2001 – “House of Ten Columns” at The Vancouver International Sculpture Project, Vancouver BC. (Sponsored by Buschlen Mowatt Galleries.)
  • 2000 – The Third Annual Peace Arch International exhibition. (May 1st – September 30th).
  • 1998/97 – Holon , Israel. Science and Arts Center.
  • 1991/90/89/86 – Arad, Israel. Arad Festival.
  • 1990/88/87 – Jaffa, Israel. Jaffa Sculpture Show.
  • 1984 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Rothschild blvd. Sculpture Show.
  • 1982 – New York, NY. USA. Classic Theatre.
  • 1980 – Madrid, Spain. IV Certamen Nacional de Escultura.
  • 1979 – San Francisco, CA, USA. 33rd Anniversary Art Festival.
  • 1976 – Vancouver, B.C. Canada. UN Conference on Human Settlement (Habitat).