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T Barny

4370 Pine Flat Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448, U.S.A.
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Phone: 707-431-8378

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T Barny has been creating sculpture professionally for 38 years.  He studied at both Stanford and Brown Universities, and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Abstraction is his fascination, and power tools are his forte. All materials have artistic promise in them, and T Barny has worked with every type; hot glass, neon gas, bronze, wood, water, steel, and stone. From one foot high tabletop sculptures to twelve-foot tall corporate monoliths, T Barny releases the inherent forms found in stone from all over the world; he has carved 205 individual types of stone he personally sourced from 43 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

The natural forms & geometric shapes used in mathematical models are regularly reflected in T Barny’s work. His goal is to create works that reflect the magic and wonder in our world, from biological to technical. Known for his seashell-like, mobius forms, T Barny’s work often provokes the response, “How does he do that?”
During his career, T Barny has worked as Artist-In-Residence at art centers in Woodstock, New York, Texas, Carrara, Italy and Tinos, Greece. He has taught stone carving in California, Kansas and New Mexico. As a full time sculptor, T Barny must market and distribute his work as well as create it. His work has been shown in over 100 different galleries worldwide, and he has participated in over 400 group and individual exhibitions.
T Barny is currently represented by Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, CA - Ira Wolk Gallery in St. Helena, CA - Hunter-Kirkland Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico – Prelude at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA – Kelsey Michaels Fine Art in Laguna Beach, CA. In 2003, he established the T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens in Alexander Valley, California. His work is found in corporate and private collections in 23 countries around the world.

A native Californian, T Barny has spent the last 38 years in a love affair with stone.  Importing personally selected marble from quarries all over the world, he attains an affinity with the blocks by following their natural flow.  T Barny carves out the flaws of geological tension to release a sound free form inherent in the specific stone.  These virtual negative spaces define the direction of the piece just as much as the positive body.  This unpresumptuous approach illuminates pure relationships that not only exist within the final piece, but also interact with the surrounding environs.  As one moves around and through a T Barny work, the sculpture creates a kinetic illusion of changing shape.

Unhindered by preconceptions of design, the noble substance reciprocates his love and respect through the life which has been released.  These forms evoke a sense of universal beauty through archetypal continuous curves, yet they are not primitive because they have been technically resolved. 

T Barny sculptures are in private and corporate collections throughout the world.  His commissions include large scale outdoor pieces, as well as, numerous indoor stone sculptures for homes and offices.