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Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas

New York, NY 10024, U.S.A.
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From fabricated metal to cast bronze and stainless steel, my work is wide ranging.


I began at the Art Students League from 1963 to 1967 where I studied with renowned teacher John Hovannes. I then apprenticed with him in his studio until his death in 1973. Beginning in 1975 I partnered for about five years with Swiss sculptor Marcel Meylan who, at one time, had made enlargements for Zadkine. A brilliant metal worker he designed, and together we made, the armatures for my large pieces in plaster.


With John Hovannes I learnt how to carve marble, but as my themes took shape, I found modeling in wax and in plaster (for large works) more to my liking as modeling allowed for greater freedom of form.


Thus I came to be a worker in metal since modeled pieces were later cast in bronze, or stainless steel.


The armatures gave me the idea of making mobiles and, later, meetings with fabricators led me to work in direct metal as well, making large stainless steel, steel and aluminum sculpture for the outdoors.

Outdoor projects are my specialty but I also make fabricated metal and cast bronze pieces for interior spaces.

Communication through space and time, the exploration of outer space and of inner consciousness are my themes. I like experiment. In short, I am an innovator within a classical tradition.