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Mark Fejes

PO Box 70501
Fairbanks, AK 99707, U.S.A.
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Phone: 907-452-7570

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  • This work was cold forged by hand with a hammer, anvil, sand bag and very good hearing protection.
  • Artifact steel is from abandoned water pipe that was used for Alaskan gold mining early in the 20th century. “The steel of these sculptures was recovered from a long undisturbed mountain of pipe nearly buried and overgrown with trees. Digging it out was like harvesting an indigenous material. It displays the hard earned scars of a brutal life and is an intimate and literal record of character achieved by age. I consider it a kind of buried treasure and ideal for rendering the human form“.
  • Mark Fejes was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and currently makes art at his “Well And Good Studios” where he maintains his own shop and workspaces for other artists. He exhibits in Alaska and his work is in collections in Alaska, Washington, California and New York.