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Phil Hathcock

1823 Highway 55 West
Cary, NC 27519, U.S.A.
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Phone: 919-303-9745     Fax: 919-303-9745

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Phil Hathcock is a unique entity, whose driving energy comes from a true love of natural materials, (particularly stone,) and from an adherence to "old school" work ethics.  Phil is unapologetic in his expressions of love for stone, and in his artwork surrounding them.  His creative process is through hard work, an imaginative mind, and a belief that the two combined can achieve powerful results.  Ever present in Phil's approach to life and work is his late father, Arch Hathcock.  Together, they worked for years building a stone supply/installation business that became renowned in the construction and landscaping industries.  Arch taught Phil a great deal about the nature of stone, and the meaningful applications it had.  They were a great team.

After Arch passed away, what began as a simple expression of creativity on a forgotten and disregarded piece of land in Cary, North Carolina has now become a true regional landmark with an artist-in-residence that generates inspiration on countless levels with various creations in stone.  Phil has been written about by various authors, and featured in a number of publications, largely due to his talent, his unique appeal, and his pure Southern charm.  Once people get to know him, as a person and as an artist, they overwhelmingly express a desire to capture a bit of this Renaissance man and his work for their own. 

There is nothing ordinary about Phil Hathcock, or his artwork.  Even though Phil always stays true to the simplistic "nature" of the material he is working with, viewers of his designs report a greater ability to reflect upon the genius, and the magnitude, of the creation and of its' environmental source.  To this end, Phil has traveled the world, seeking education and inspiration for his work.  Visitors to his showroom and gardens quickly recognize the strong Asian influence on his designs.  The insight doesn't stop there, however.  Ancient European leanings are represented, as well as modernistic inclinations.  Throughout, Phil's visionary compulsions are evident in everything he does.