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Joern Hansen


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  • Glass and driftwood in a unique combination.Land Art  in different countries. Wood.
  • Sensitivity and a feeling  of a constructive touch and good spirit, is a fundamental basis in his work.
  • The source of inspiration derives from nature, culture and mythology. People, emotions and beeing, what moves us, what attract us etc.
  • Narrative joy is expressed through his works. It can be expressed as reflections, comments, tall tales or histories, from  small or big incidents in life,- it has soul.
  • Land Art: Nature is inspiration! Art in nature can be dialogue, a possibility for resting, exploring, discovering something that may be challenging or joyfull, it can be inspired by culture, mythology ore perhaps have a sense of humour.
  • He is a versatile Danish contemporary sculptor and artist. Besides working with modern sculpture and Land Art, he works with assemblage, collage, painting, drawing, installations and photo.
  • See more at his homepage