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Bob Clyatt

189 Milton Rd
Rye, NY 10580, U.S.A.
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Phone: 914-921-4379

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Artist Statement

I am drawn to explore what are for me unknowable and 
uncontrollable aspects of memory and karma, of a larger 
reality framing our existence, of moments when our fate 
begins to change.  I generally use the sculpted human form as a 
vehicle for these explorations.

My work arises as a fusion of formal knowledge --  anatomy, 
sculptural methods and forms – with a mystery theater of 
accident, adventure, construction and a host of other 

For me a successful sculpture gathers and amplifies whispers 
from the edges of awareness.  I hope my sculptures can store 
these whispers like a battery, or a well to draw from.



As a teen in northern California, Bob's interest in 

narrative figurative photography moved him to create 

fine art prints in a darkroom he built. Several of these 
works were juried into Photographic Society of America 
exhibitions. Bob was taken on as a rare private pupil 
under noted western photographer Challis Gore.

During the following years, Bob focused on philosophy, 
family and growing businesses, founding 
HorizonLive and 
i/o 360
, a prominent New York City digital design firm 
which employed 30 designers and was sold to a public 
company in 1998.  Bob returned to creating art shortly 
thereafter with an intensive study of sculpture under 
several teachers in the figurative tradition, including 
Michael Keropian, Anthony Antonios,  Sarah Coble, 
Andrew Cawrse. Barney Hodes and Richard MacDonald.   
 Bob's formal sculpture education centered on his years 
of studio and coursework at the Art Student's League of 
New York.  Bob also has degrees from U.C. Berkeley and 

Bob has received numerous commissions and awards for 
his figurative sculpture.    His work is acquired by private 
collectors, corporations and other organizations.