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Xiangrong Wang

Dingli Stone Carving Co. LTD ,Chihu Linchang Industrial Are
none, 362131, Venezuela
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Phone: 0086-595-87685838     Fax: 0086-595-87689838

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Xiangrong Wang (the member of China Sculpture Institute, the member of the Sculpture Professional Committee of China, the master of Fujian Arts & Crafts, the senior industrial artist) was born in September 1970, in Chongwu of Fujian Province, the City of Chinese Sculpture and grew up in a family of folk sculpture. In 1986, he began to study the stonework and graphic design in Luoyang Stone-sculpture Factory of Hui’an with his father. Following the direction of ethnic and folk arts, he established with his father in 1993, “Chonglida Stone Sculptures Co., Ltd” which engaged in workshop stone sculpture and graphic design. In 2000, he established “Dingli Stone Carving Co., Ltd” and served as the general manager and art director. He makes deep research on the mortise and tenon structure of ancient architecture, inherits the traditional folk stone-carving, and concerns the modern thoughts and schools by constant learning and exploring. He has attended national and foreign academic communications and international carving contests for several times and also received many awards.

Sculpture is possessed of permanence. The urban sculpture is a kind of public art, which must be integrated with the social requirement and be in sync with the times. In recent years, he has provided hundreds of modern and traditional stoneworks to the sculptors and artists around the world. To record history in stone, to carve life in stone and to seek for truth, kindness, beauty, and appearance & image are the hobby and choice all his life. During the more than 20 years engaging in the sculpture, he creates and designs hundreds of traditional and modern stone relief and full relief for the national and foreign clients. In this process, he gains a kind of happiness and enjoyment.