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B Lynch

Boston, MA 02130, U.S.A.
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In Praise of Folly - the Art of B. Lynch

  • Statement: My art is about folly -- which I, like Erasmus, take to be the heart of human nature. I investigate the good, the bad, ugly and sublime through my metaphorical constructions.   I borrow freely from art historical themes, but the pieces are indisputably of the here and now.  I work in many media, using my themes to unite my installations.
  • The Red & the Grey

    Work & Wealth: the story of the Reds and the Greys 

    Storytelling how society works through my art, I embellish, make fun of, cogitate and wonder at the societal friction in our new gilded age. The “Red” and “Grey” factions are temporally separate, with the wonderfully grand 18th C acting as an inspiration for the “Reds” and the “Greys” inhabiting a contemporary refugee or post-apocalyptic setting. Politically and art historically, movements have made use of puppets, my little figurines are puppet-like as they can be moved and contextualized in dramatic fashion.

    All of my art projects are engaged with multidisciplinary ideas. Philosophy, music, art history and theatre, university departments, have all asked me to speak and or collaborate. I am fascinated with the notion of artist as fool, or trickster. Artists observe and participate in society; questioning they may become a scapegoat or alternately the kid who points out the emperor lacks clothing.

    The Reds and Greys’ fantastical miniature world is a surrogate of our own. The figures and objects act as documents. Battered tin hats double as eating vessels contrast with the elegance of elbow length kid gloves on a side table. All of the objects are seemings. I use simple materials—paper, wire, paint and wood as materials. The works are not like dolls, whose perfection seems locked in place. These figures gesture and register emotions on their faces.