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Adam Distenfeld

129 noll street
Brooklyn, NY 11206, U.S.A.
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Phone: 1.718.628.5993

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I make sculptures and fountains using granite rocks recovered from construction sites in New York City. When work crews break ground, rocks are considered obstacles and are removed to make room for the foundations of buildings, and it is these rocks that I salvage for my art. Rescuing the rock of the city, I negotiate its removal from work sites. Using rock that is routinely exported from the city to landfills, I am reclaiming a piece of submerged geological and urban history.

My primary concern is to reveal the interior of the rock, exposing its inside to light, creating a void or several intersecting voids. These voids are axes of visual movement and torque within the rock that is counterplayed by the immobility and dense permanence of the rock. Like the inside of a cave in a mountain, the rock’s interior becomes a place of sculptural action and visual activity. I focus my artistic practice on the inside of the rock to achieve a visual balance between void and solid, negative and positive space. I add lightness and space to an otherwise heavy and immobile object. The visual play in the sculpture is what is happening inside the rock where I try to realize an impossible space.