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Virginia Wolf

1415 SW Park Ave.#301
Portland, OR 97201, U.S.A.
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Phone: 503.282.1198
URL: http://www,

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I have done art related work all my life; dance, painting, design and filmmaking but came only in the early nineties to sculpture. After 25 years working in marble and travertine I have been venturing out into metal sculpture recently, as a contra point to the stonework, building up instead of reducing materials. It feels like drawing in space, like spacial volume without central mass. I am using narrow gauge industrial wire, mesh, hardware cloth, rods and tubes, allowing space to get through and air and light to interplay with balance and tension. It is suggestive rather than pronouncing, and sometimes enhanced by shadows which extend beyond the principal boundaries of space and room. I want to minimize the ballast of materiality and provide an encounter with new material configurations where even materiality is dispensable and materials are beyond such restrictions. My forms are simple and I want the viewer to create or finish their own story. My work has to do with my experience and emotional memory; it is a constant play between idea and execution, a balance between form and content, about past, present, self and world, socially, spiritually and politically motivated. The concept of art as life appeals to me, blurring the lines between everyday objects and art, sanctifying the mundane.
I want my work to transcend its materiality, so the viewer can see the complexity in its simplicity.