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John Eames

330 5th ave
San Francisco, CA 94019, U.S.A.
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Phone: 650-712-0929

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            I did not pick this field, this field picked me. Despite,or perhaps because of, the fact that I grew up in a family of artists, I was told that one could not make a living in art and should find an alternative field. I flipped and flopped through majors including Theatre, Botany, and Horticulture finding myself to be ultimately miserable in each. I would take art classes here and there and one semester happened upon a 3D class taught by Rebecca Murtaugh and was completely blown away. This was the first time I had really been exposed to artists like Tom Freedman, Tony Cragg, Rachel Whiteread, and Anthony Gormley just to name a few. It really opened a door for me. I sat in that class and saw my life in front of me. I had been making sculpture like this my entire life without realizing it; just little time wasting processes and solutions for excess materials. I never considered what I had done to be of any great value given my lack of exposure to contemporary art. I had an awakening. If I had always been doing this without intention, then this must be what I should be doing.

The work that I produce is distinctly and purposely raw for preservation of the materials nature. I employ a wide range of materials natural and manmade. Much of my work communicates a sense of social dynamics through the repetition of images. Overall, my work is simply an organization of materials to aesthetical ends. The end meaning and communication does not drive the work.