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Lynda K. Rockwood

Seattle, WA , U.S.A.
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Artist’s Statement


Lynda K. Rockwood is interested in geology and, in particular, what strata tell us about the natural world through the passage of time. She is also interested in paleontology and cartography.  Rockwood’s sculpture combines the natural delineation of time discovered in fossils and strata, with the charting of topography that occurs in map making.  In 2005, Rockwood received a Hauberg Fellowship to work at the Pilchuck Glass School.  While not drawn to glass as a primary medium, Rockwood’s new work incorporates cast glass into her formal aesthetic and pairs it with more familiar materials such as hydrostone and bronze.  The work has an elegance that comes from Rockwood’s appreciation of natural forms, the sharpness of her observational skills, and the precision of her craftsmanship.




Lynda K. Rockwood received an M.A. in photography from Central Washington University and an M.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Washington.  A former Associate Professor of Sculpture and currently a sculpture conservation consultant, Rockwood lives and works in Seattle, Washington.