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Ken Thomas

291 Mt. Constance Way
Port Ludlow, WA 98365, U.S.A.
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Phone: 360-437-7906

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Kenneth Thomas


For a number of years I have experimented with shapes, with sketching, cutting and pasting in an effort to come up with the most interesting figures, faces, and collages. I also like to experiment with materials and use glass, Plexiglas, clay, wood, metals, wire, and found objects. The resulting sculpture may be flat, curved or three dimensional. Once these materials are configured in my mind I begin to work with the actual materials. The final ingredient is light, either natural or artificial.

No piece is complete until it has been mounted and, for me, this is an important part of the creative process. The piece may be framed so that it can be wall hung. It may be mounted on a pedestal made of wood, steel, or stone and /or combined into a family of pieces.

I attended the University of Washington and the University of Oregon and then pursued a career in business. I traveled frequently to Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

I started looking at art during my travels and soon began purchasing paintings, sculptures, and glass and ceramics. I collected books by and about artists. It was not long before I stared sketching. I took small sketchbooks with me wherever I went and filled them with my interpretation of whatever I saw, mostly faces.

To help develop my skills I took classes at the Bellevue Art Museum, the Kirkland Art Center, the University of Washington, Bellevue Community College, the Frye Art Museum, the Bullseye Glass Resource Center and the Pratt School of Fine Art.

  • 2007 Port Townsend Summer Art Walk
  • 2007 Port Ludlow Village Art Walk
  • 2007 SalmonEnchanted Evening
  • 2006 Port Ludlow Art Walk
  • 2006 Performing Arts, Artist of the Month
  • 2006 SalmonEnchanted Evening
  • 2005 Hutch Happy Hour, Fairmont Olympic Hotel
  • 2004 Erlendson Art Glass
  • 2004 Kaewyn Gallery
  • 2004 Dragon Fire Gallery
  • 2004 Isle of Art Gallery (Behind the Mask Show)
  • 2003 Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery (Christmas)
  • 2003 Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery (Two Person Show)
  • Lingenbrink Residence
    • Bellevue, Washington
  • Rosetta/Merck Building
    • Seattle, Washington
  • Port Ludlow Art League
  • International Sculpture Center
  • Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery
    • Kirkland, Washington
  • Kirsten Gallery
    • Seattle, Washington
  • Harbor Gallery
    • Gig Harbor, Washington
  • Artisans on Taylor
    • Port Townsend, Washington
  • Port Ludlow Art Gallery
    • Port Ludlow, Washington