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Marc Vinciguerra

Los Angeles, CA , U.S.A.
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Marc Vinciguerra is a parisian artist living in America. He is currently exhibiting a monumental statue in Venice during the Biennale of architecture in a show that he is sharing with Richard Meier ( Pritzker Price and architect of the Getty Museum ) among other artists. His installation in Venice has been qualified as ‘’extraordinary’’ by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. Marc Vinciguerra has also a big following with philosophers and writers as he won The Alpine Fellowship Visual Prize in 2014, visionnary prize that tries to reconnect art and philosophy hosted by philosopher and BBC host (Why Beauty Matters) Sir Roger Scruton. Marc Vinciguerra is also a lecturer. He has been giving lecture in Universities, at the Foundation Cini in Venice and has written  articles on the future of Art. He has been invited by the European Cultural Center in Venice who showed the sculptures of Yoko Ono. His work is an attempt to break the wall that separate traditional art and contemporary art. Marc Vinciguerra reunites both of them with the skill of a renaissance artist and the thoughts of a philosopher from the twenty one century. In an exciting new way he transforms figurative art into conceptual installations. When the curators greet the visitors in the Venetian Palace where his monumental Triptych is installed in front of the grand canal in Venice they describe his work as figurative installations. Marc Vinciguerra fuses the past and the future together to create a richer future for art. The catalogue of his last exhibition has been published at 12000 copies.

 Education: Master in Philosophy of Religion, Sorbonne University Paris Graduate from the Florence Academy of Art Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, School of Sculpture Courses of Anatomy, Academy of Fine Arts of Paris Courses of Drawing, Chapel of the Academy of Fine Arts of Paris Certificate Marble Sculpting, Carrara, Italy Certificate in Forensic Sculpting, University of Oklahoma Professional Achievements: 1996 Group Exhibition, San Ginesio, Italy 1997 Group Exhibition, Liceo Artistico, Rome, Italy 2001 Group Exhibition at France-Amerique organization 2001 Solo Exhibition Ile-Saint Louis, Paris; illustrations of the Divine Comedy 2002 Publication of a book Ile-Saint Louis at Durante Editions Paris 2002 Documentary filmed by France 5 TV on Parisian art studio 2003 Group Exhibition, Santa Monica Art Studio, Los Angeles, California 2005 Selected for National Arts Club Annual Exhibition, NYC curated by the Smithsonian 2005 Selected for Long Beach Arts Annual Exhibition, Long Beach, California curated by Dominic Cretara 2007 Monumental creation of bronze architectural door at the Foundation Coubertin, France 2007 Lecture on the future of art and religion at the Loyola Marymount University, Department of Theology, Los Angeles, CA 2007 Solo Show, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 2009 Group Exhibition, Governor’s Island Art Fair, NYC 2010 Drawing at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain 2010 Group Exhibition with Odd Nerdrum, Roger Smith Hotel, NYC 2010 Group Exhibition, New York Academy of Art, NYC 2012 Group Exhibition, Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy 2013 Registered Copyist at the Museum of the Louvre, Paris, France 2013 Group Exhibition, Copyists of the Louvre, Paris City Hall 2014 Selected artist, Alpine Fellowship 2014 curated by BBC host of ‘Why Beauty Matters’ and professor of aesthetics at Oxford University, Roger Scruton. The Alpine Fellowship selects three artists and integrates them with intellectuals from Oxford, Cambridge and Colombia University to reunite philosophy and art. The Fellowship reunited in 2014 in Aldourie Castle in Scotland 2014 Article in the Financial Times on the Alpine Fellowship 2014 2015 Artist in Residence, Dreamer Concepts Gallery, Norman, Oklahoma 2015 Principle instructor of painting and drawing at OSAI Quartz Mountain summer session, recipient of the Macklanburg Foundation Faculty Chair 2015 Lecture at Quartz Mountain to 500 hundreds guests: Short version: Long version: 2015 Selected by Alpine Fellowship 2015 to present a film on my sculpture at the Foundation Cini in Venice, Italy on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore to the following audience: Ian McEwan, writer and Oscar winner (Atonement), Ruth Padel, poet in residence at the London Opera House and Juror of the Bookerman Prize, Harry Eyres, Newsweek journalist, the Burda family from the Burda Publishing Company (Germany) and Philip Ryland director of the Guggenheim Museum, Venice 2015 Sole subject of documentary film created by Dirk Van Den Eynden, illustrating the life, mind and soul of an artist. Dirk Van Den Eynden has filmed more than 300 films and represented Belgium during the Biennale of Venice. Documentary produced by the director of the Museum Marino Marini, Florence, Italy 2015 President and Founder of Post-Contemporary Sculpture, an organization that reunites notable sculptors around the world working in the footsteps of Rodin in the 21st century. Facebook group followed by 2000 followers, including Musee Rodin in Paris and Juxtapoz Magazine. Future plans include an annual prize, a sculpture garden and museum 2015 Interview with Artblog Digiqualia (short and long version) 2015 Article on the Alpine Fellowship 2015 in Vanity Fair, online edition ‘A-List’ 2015 Article on the Alpine Fellowship 2015 in The Spectator England’s oldest Newspaper 2015 Front-page article, Norman Transcript: 2016 Book published by Burda Publishing Company included the lectures of the Alpine Fellowship 2015 as well as photography of work along side the work of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Messerchmidt and Durer 2016 Won sculpture summer residency in Salzburg 2017 Book published by Burda Publishing Company included lectures of Alpine Fellowship 2016 with a two page spread of work 2017 Published article in The Florentine: 2018 Architecture Biennale, Venice Italy; invited by Dutch foundation GAA to show monumental sculpture at Palazzo Bembo during the 2018 Biennale 2018 Invitation to give a lecture and workshop on sculpture at the Foundation Cini, during the Alpine Fellowship 2018, Venice, Italy 2018 Publication of my work in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, May/June Issue 2018 Publication of a catalogue by the European Cultural Center, Edition 12,000 2018 Publication of a mini-catalogue, text written by theologian from Loyola Marymount University on the monumental sculpture: The Triptych of the Religion of Atheism in tandem with the 2018 Biennale, Venice, Italy. Lecture of a Theologian in Venice: