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Marina Nash

440 Gregory Lane
Boulder, CO 80302, U.S.A.
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Phone: 303.506.7062

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 Marina Warren Nash


1959 Born in Denver, Colorado

1978-1981 Rice University, Houston Texas 
Bachelor of Architecture Magna Cum Laude

1979-1984 B.A. Fine Arts and Architecture, Rice University

1984 B.F.A. Sculpture and Painting, Rice University

1984 Roman Villa Excavations “Via Gabina” Palestrina, Italy
Etruscan and Roman pottery draftsperson

1981-1983 Remondet Architectes Paris, France

1985-1987 Stone Carving, Washington National Cathedral

1986 M.F.A. Fellowship in Sculpture University of Maryland

1987 Olympic Public Art Committee Athens, Greece 

2004-2007  Director Department of Fine Arts / Montessori Academy, Sewickley Pa

2010  Founder/ Designer/Sole Proprietor “Restorascapes”

2012-present  Founder/Designer/CEO “The Agora Projects” LLC

Present Lives and Works in Boulder, Colorado


  • Tokiwa Art Museum, 23D UBE Biennale Exhibition UBE City, Yamaguchi, Japan
  • 1991 Hakone Open Air Museum and the Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum, Japan
  • “Maquette” Exhibition for the 7th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition for Abstract Sculpture


  • 2014 Gifted Citizen Cuidad de Las Ideas, Puebla Mexico Finalist
  • 2014 IQ Awards winner, Boulder Colorado
  • 2013 Boulder Civic Area Ideas Competition, Catalytic Project award Architecture/design
  • 2012 INTERNATIONAL Academy of Design and Health Future Projects Award “Restorascapes”
  • 2006 1st Artist Lecture Series “Art in Abstraction” Dawson School, Boulder Colorado
  • 1994 Invitational Public Art Award “Diskobolus” Three Rivers Arts Festival / Gateway Center 2/ Pittsburgh PA
  • 1992 IFRAA First Prize Honor Award “Beyond Barriers”
  • 1991 Hakone Open Air Museum and the Utsukshi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum,
  • 1990 Maquette Exhibition for the 7th Henry Moore /Grand Prize for Abstract Sculpture
  • 1990 Invitational Award “Pennsylvania perspectives: Site-works” Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1998 Jurors First Prize Award “Female Artist ‘88” Carnegie Art Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1987 First Female Stone Carver (since 1908) Washington National Cathedral Washington, D.C
  • 1986-1987 First MFA Departmental Fellowship in Sculpture University of Maryland at College Park 
  • 1986 Jurors Discretionary Award Outdoor Sculpture Carnegie Institute


  • 2007 Public Art Installation “Mustangs” Lafayette, Colorado
  • 2005 “Ogham Spirit” Contemplative garden design installation Sewickley, Pa
  • 2000 Totem Spirits Installation Sewickley Academy, Pennsylvania
  • 1999 “Elements of Change” Installation Pittsburgh, Pa
  • 1997 Public Art Installation City of Pittsburgh “Diskobolus”1995 Public Art
    Installation Duquesne University “Thetis” Pittsburgh, Pa
  • 1991 Public Art Installation Chicago, Illinois “Nike”
  • 1990 Public Art Installation, Haniel GmbH Collection “Phidippides” Dusseldorf, West Germany
  • 1987 Private Sculpture Garden “Gardens of Stone” “In Memory of Gio” Francis Ford Coppola, Niebaum Estate Napa Valley, California


  • 2012 Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder Co
  • 2011 Design Center , Boulder Co
  • 2010 2002 Alpine Exhibition, Boulder Co
  • 2010 TESLA “Sustainability and Design” , Beyond Barriers 11 Boulder, Co
  • 2009 “Beyond Barriers; Reemergence of the Strong Feminine” Walker Fine Art, Denver, Co
  • 1997 Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, P1991 Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa
  • Galerie an der Fabrik, Spital an Purn, Austria
  • Haniel GmbH Collection, Dusseldorf (Duisburg), West Germany
  • Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



  • 2019 Women Artists of the West, MWF Boulder Colorado
  • 2015 Mary Williams Fine Arts
  • 2010 “Beyond Barriers; Reemergence of the Strong Feminine” Walker Fine Art, Denver Colorado
  • 2009 “Year In Preview” Walker Fine Art, Denver, Colorado
  • 2008 Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, Colorado
  • 2007 Mary Williams Art Gallery, Boulder Colorado
  • 2006 International Images Gallery, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
  • 1997 A.C.C., Centennial Celebration Exhibition, Pennsylvania
  • 1994 La Fond Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1992 “A Celebration of Our History” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1992 “Reinvestigating Myth,” Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts, Pittsburgh , Pa
  • 1998 Department of the Interior, Pittsburgh,,Pa
  • 1988 Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1986 Suzanne Street Gallery, Houston, Texas
  • 1986 Sol Del Rio Gallery, San Antonio, Texas
  • 1985 Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1985 Gallery “G”, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1984 Sewall Art Gallery, Houston Texas


  •  1994 Three Rivers Art Festival Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Outdoor Sculpture INVITATIONAL “Diskobolus”
  • 1991 Hakone Open Air Museum and the Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Museum,Japan
  • 1991 7th Henry Moore (Honor Award) Grand Prize Exhibition for Abstract Sculpture
  • 1990 Pennsylvania Perspectives: Siteworks” (INTERNATIONAL) Carnegie-Mellon Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1990 ”Chicago International Art Exposition,”1990 Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1989 “Emerging Artists’Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1989 “Society of Sculptors”Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa
  • 1988 “Female Artists ‘88”Carson Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1986 Gallery “G”, Jubilee Show, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1986 Group “A” (INVITATIONAL)Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pennsylvania


City of Pittsburgh                                                                            Pittsburgh, Pa

Allegheny General Hospital                                                            Pittsburgh, Pa 

Banque de Paris et des Pays Bas                                                  Houston, Texas

Banque de Paris et des Pays Bas                                                  Paris, France

Haniel GmbH Duisburg,                                                                 West Germany

Prudential-Bache Hamburg,.                                                          West Germany

Melcher Architekten Dusseldorf,                                                    West Germany

Gulf Materials                                                                                 Houston, Texas

Blocq & Maneschijn B.V.                                                                Harberwijk, Holland

Mark & Soehne Spital,                                                                    Austria

Semprini & Assoc.                                                                          Milano, Italy


Chambers Development Company                                                Pittsburgh, Pa