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Joseph O'Connell

3113 East Columbia Street
Tucson, AZ 85714, U.S.A.
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Phone: 520-294-0939     Fax: 520-294-0848

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3113 E Columbia Street, Tucson, AZ 85714 
(520) 294-0939
Wings Over Water, Houston, TX, currently commissioned,
Twilight Garden, Mesa, AZ, currently commissioned, 
Stories Interweave, Aurora, CO, currently commissioned,
Ellipsis, Walnut Creek, CA, currently commissioned, 
Lenses, Scottsdale, AZ, currently commissioned, $800,000.
Piole Kabuto, Piole, Himeji, Japan, 2014, $85,000.
Texas Rising, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
w/Blessing Hancock, 2014, $485,000.
Color Wash, Pantano Wash, Tucson, AZ w/Blessing Hancock, 
currently commissioned, $99,000.
Philosopher’s Stone, Chengdu, China, w/Blessing Hancock, 
2015, $50,000.
Camaraderie, Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto, CA
w/Blessing Hancock, currently commissioned, $300,000.
Mirror of Thoughts, Rockville, MD, w/Blessing Hancock, 
2015, $200,000
Small Talk About the Weather, Oklahoma City, OK,
w/Blessing Hancock, currently commissioned, $185,000.
Bloom, Alexian Brothers Women & Children's Hospital,
Hoffman Estates, IL, 2014, $105,000.
On Display, Denver, CO, w/Blessing Hancock, 
currently commissioned, $250,000.
Ballroom Luminoso, San Antonio, TX, w/Blessing Hancock
2013, $100,000
Fish Bellies, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX,
w/Blessing Hancock, 2013, $250,000.
Heart Beacon, Emergency Coordination Center, Portland,OR
w/Blessing Hancock, 2014, $150,000.
Line and Sky, The CommonLinks, Shreveport, LA,
w/Blessing Hancock, design phase complete, $750,000.
Chinook Arc, Beltline Park, Calgary, Alberta, 
Canada, w/Blessing Hancock, 2014, $500,000.
Brilliance, Palo Alto Library and Arts Center, Palo 
Alto, CA, w/Blessing Hancock, 2014, $200,000.
Cyclorama, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL,
w/Blessing Hancock, 2012, $130,000.
Empire of Giants, Dallas, TX, w/Blessing Hancock,
currently commissioned, $150,000.
Origo Environment Sphere, Inspira, Sarpsborg, Norway,
w/Blessing Hancock, 2011, $35,000.
Utah Bit and Mine, Midvale, UT, w/Nina 
Borgia-Aberle & Blessing Hancock, 2011, $130,000.
Seed Pods, Tinsletown, The Woodlands, TX, w/Blessing
Hancock, currently commissioned, $325,000.
Cocoon, Tucson, AZ, w/ Nina Borgia-Aberle & Blessing
Hancock, 2014, $200,000.
Wet Wheel, Tucson, Arizona, currently 
commissioned, $100,000.
Wandering Stars, Tucson, AZ, w/Blessing Hancock,
2013, $130,000.
Glendale Park and Ride, Glendale, Arizona,  
w/ Nina Borgia-Aberle, currently commissioned, 
Bends Towards Justice, MLK Tower at Depot Plaza, 
Tucson, AZ, w/Blessing Hancock, currently commissioned, $170,000.
SEED[pop!], Public Art for the Solar Decathlon, 
Washington D.C., w/Blessing Hancock, 2009, $25,000. 
Toby, Scott Avenue Renovation, Tucson, AZ, 
2009, $75,000.
Bike Church, Barrio Anita Neighborhood, Tucson, AZ,
w/Blessing Hancock, 2009, $90,000. 
Wondrous, Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Public Library, 
Marana, AZ, 2008, $100,000.
Color Factory, Discovery Gateway, Salt Lake City, 
UT, 2006, $130,000.
Desert O, Luminarias del Pueblo, Tucson, AZ, 
2004, $75,000. 
Joe grew up near Thomas Edison’s West Caldwell 
laboratory in New Jersey. His Grandfather had 
been good friends with the Edison family and 
passed on stories, books and some gadgets from 
Edison himself. This inspired Joe to make things 
at an early age. As a child, he built toys out of 
the tools and materials his parents supplied to him.
After a long liberal arts education that 
spanned four universities he began working for 
science museums where he designed and built 
exhibits. He founded Creative Machines in 1995 
to design and fabricate interactive exhibits for 
museums around the world and began making public
art in 2004.
OWNER, 12/97 - present 
Creative Machines Inc. is our 14,000 square-foot 
fabrication facility in Tucson, Arizona, where 
we employ 10 artists, designers, engineers and 
craftspeople. Our shop is set up to support 
comprehensive prototyping and fabrication. Smart, 
inquisitive people and extensive CNC capabilities 
give us the ability to explore innovative materials 
and processes. We design and fabricate every 
project in-house. We‚Äôve created and installed 
public art and exhibits for clients throughout the 
Inventure Place - Akron, Ohio
Over two summers, I developed exhibits on-site, 
involving visitors and staff, and kept a keen eye 
on how visitors used the mix of historical and 
interactive exhibits.
Hands On!, Inc. - St. Petersburg, Florida
I played a major role in a two year project to 
master plan, prototype, design, fabricate and install 
interactive exhibits about creativity and invention 
for Inventure Place: Home of the National Inventors 
Hall of Fame.
Liberty Science Center - Jersey City, New Jersey.
Science North - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
Place by Design Juror, 2014
SXSW Eco Public Space Design Competition
Public Art Network Year in Review, 2014
Americans for the Arts, Ballroom Luminoso
Accel Design Conference, 4/2014
Bike Chandeliers, San Francisco, CA
Mondo*Arc Magazine, 10/2013
Art & Design Profile, Issue #75
Installation Magazine, 7/2013
“Under the Bridge with Ballroom Luminoso”
The Atlantic Cities, 5/2013
Mark Byrnes, “A Public Art Installation Bridges the
Gap Created by an Overpass.”
Transformative Design Award, 10/2013
A SXSW Eco 'Place By Design Award' for
Ballroom Luminoso
Spark! Mesa's Festival of Creativity, Spring 2013
Seed Pod, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
WHOA Magazine, Fall 2012
Keel, Michael. "Two Artists, One Heart." 78-82
Chalk the Block Festival, 2012
Seed Pod, Downtown San Antonio, Texas
Glow, 2012
Seed Pod, Triangle Ranch, Oro Valley, Arizona
AfterGlow, 2010
Seed Pod, Club Congress, Tucson, Arizona
All Souls Procession, 2010 
Seed Pod, Downtown Tucson, Arizona
Sculpture Magazine, 5/2010 
SEED[pop!], Vol. 29 No. 4
Sculpture Magazine , 1/2010
Bike Church, Vol. 29 No. 1
Artistic Hot-Dip Galvanizing Excellence Award 2009
for Wondrous Word Wall
Glow, 2005-2008 
A yearly two night show featuring an illuminated 
sculpture walk, light installations, and 
Love of Machines, 1-2/2005 
at the Joseph Gross Gallery at the University of Arizona. 
This solo show featured nine of my interactive 
sculptures and weekly collaborative performances 
that I organized with local groups.
9/89-6/93, Graduate Program in Sociology/Science 
Studies. Published extensively in history and 
sociology of science.
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 9/91-6/92, Graduate 
Program in History of Science. Visiting scholar 
supported by NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
UNIVERSITY of CHICAGO, 9/87-6/89 , History, 
Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and 
Medicine. Received B.A. with highest honors, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Dean’s List.
RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, 9/85-6/87, Rutgers 
College Honors Program. Double-majored 
in physics and philosophy. Received an NSF 
undergraduate grant for research in statistical 
physics over summer 1987.