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Helena Bacardi-Kiely


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Anatomy and life drawings are fundamental to the conception and composition of each of my sculptures, a few of which are pictured on this site.  I received classical training in Europe, where I studied and apprenticed in drawing, carving and sculpting.  

Even though I received most of my training in Madrid, I think of myself as a Cuban artist, since I was born in Santiago de Cuba. My heritage is an ineffable aspect of my ongoing work as a sculptor.  

The evolution of my work has been a movement from classical figuration to abstraction. Organic forms predominate and recur:  the crescent shape, the semi-circle, curves, spirals, and triangles. Gender and sensuality often drive the exploration and expression of my work. The action or gesture of the figure animates and holds the meaning even as the figure itself might disappear completely into an abstract, organic form. 

Many of my sculptures are held in private collections in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.