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Sherri Cornett

3222 LeeAnn Blvd
Billings, MT 59102, U.S.A.
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Sherri Cornett

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 Artist Statement

Sherri Cornett is a welded steel, video and mixed media artist, curator and writer living in Billings, MT. Influenced by her degrees in Political Science and Art as well as her advocacy around issues of human rights and the environment, her art and curatorial practices engage the psyche of viewers, and invite viewers into their woven layers of texture, material and thought, and to ask questions of themselves and the world. Her passion for community building and dialogue is integral to this work. She has exhibited and directed projects in China, South Korea, New York,  California, Massachusetts, Chicago, Idaho and Montana. Her works can be found in both private and corporate collections. 

Freedom Series- In these works, I explore physical representations of energy released from constraint. 

Grottoes - The Grottoes are shrines to an element so necessary to our bodies and so inspirational to our souls. As a socially-engaged artist, I created these sculptures and their videos to provide an aesthetic backdrop to conversations about water rights, conservation and access and the many ways water is essential to our lives and livelihoods, as reminders of water as common ground, common necessity. The Grottoes were highlighted in Flowa socially-engaged project, centered at MSUBillings' Northcutt Steele Gallery, which I directed,  January 28 - March 18, 2016, where the exhibition, including additional juried works, sets the framework and jumping off point for community conversations around water issues, rights and usage. 

Chrysalis Series - Mixed media sculptures of enclosed spaces based on Jungian psychiatrist Marion Woodman's concept of creating symbolic protective spaces for ourselves when in vulnerable periods of personal growth. Includes thoughts on protection, retreat, rebirth, rejuvenation and comfort.

Ancestresses & Wise Women - These life-sized welded steel with mixed media representations of female mentors and matriarchs were the result of two events.  While my father was dying, I was reminded of how much of my experience has been influenced by the strong women in my family. Shortly thereafter I was surprised by conversations with younger women who had little knowledge of women's history and little to no mentoring by older women. This lead me to create symbolic images of the many women who had mentored me and gave me another chance to show them my gratitude.

Conversations Among Women - These events were my way of helping to rectify the shortage of opportunity for women of all ages to mentor each other , share perspectives, enjoy the art of conversation and increase collective wisdom.  They occur within the circle of my Ancestresses & Wise Women sculptures. I asked women leaders (professors, judges, activist, legislators, attorneys, business women...) to help me facilitate.  With no particular goal other than sharing lessons learned, sources of strength and stories of success, these conversations evolved organically with respect for each participant's view.



  • "Inflamed" and "Erupted,", Kirk's Grocery, April - May 2019, Billings, MT
  • "What [(Is It) About My] Memory," ENTER>Action, ALTITUDE: 3123 Collective exhibition, 2905 Montana Avenue, Billings, MT, 2018
  • "Corporal Cognizance" Ka-POW! Heroic Women, Pacific Pinball Museum, Alameda, California, 2018


  • "What [(Is It) About My] Memory Project", A Series of Fragments of Memory, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, California


  • "Inflamed" and "Erupted,", Kirk's Grocery, April - May 2019, Billings, MT
  • "Grottoes Series", Flow Interactive Exhibition and Community Project, Northcutt Steele Gallery and other venues, Montana State University Billings, Billings, MT
  • "Ancestresses & Wise Women and Conversations Among Women Documentary Video", Voices: An Artist's Perspective, NAWA Gallery, NYC, Apirl 2015
  • "Ancestresses & Wise Women and Conversations Among Women Documentary Video", Views from the Edge: Women, Gender and POlitics, Sarah Doyle Women's Center, Brown University, March 2015
  • "Judy", "Earth", "Hidden Cities Chrysalis", The 'F' Word: The Female Perspective, Billings Open Studio, December 2014
  • "Compages: Populus", Multiple Feeds, Los Angeles Art Association's Gallery 825, October/November 2014
  • "Corporal Cognizance", MTV: Momentum Technology Videos Online Film Festival, Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers University, October 2014 - April 2015
  • "Corporal Cognizance", Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA June/July 2014
  • "Points of Many Connections", Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, Chin, April 2014
  • "Yellowstone River Grotto", Water: A Universal Right, Robert Morris State Street Gallery, Chicago, February - March 2014
  • "Skin Muscle Sinew", Stories We Tell, Phoenix Gallery, NYC, September 2013
  • "Iridescence", Women of All Colors, Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, February/March 2013
  • "Hidden Cities Chrysalis" juried into Capturing the Wonder of Women, Women's Museum of Califorrnia, December 2012 - February 2013
  • Skin Muscle Sinew video juried into Woman + Body, Kepco Plaza Gallery, Seoul, South Korea October 13-19, 2012, Gwangju Cultural Foundation's MediaCube 338, Gwangju, South Korea, October - November 2012
  • "Judy" from Ancestresses & Wise Women, juried into Honoring Women's Rights, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA September 8, 2012 - January 7, 2013
  • "Ripples Grotto" selected for Montana Women in the Visual Arts, The Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman, Montana September 9-November 11, 2011
  • Solo Exhibition, "Ancestresses & Wise Women", Hockaday Museum, Kalispell, MT, May 5-June 16 2011Best of Show, "Flowing Streams Chrysalis", WCA San Diego Transformation Exhibition, May 1 - April 30 2011
  • "Hidden Cities Chrysalis" selected for Hidden Cities Exhibition catalog, New Centuries Artists Gallery, New York City, juried by Lisa Phillips, director, New Museum in New York City, February 1-12 2011
  • "Ritual Chrysalis", selected for Sanctuaries in Time Exhibition, Kraft Center for Jewish Life at Columbia/Barnard College in New York City, January 21-March 1 2011
  • President's Award, "Songwriters", From Our Perspectives:  A National Women's Art Exhibition, Oakland Community College WomenCenter, Farmington Hills, Michigan, September 16 - October 8 2010
  • Group show including "Ancestresses & Wise Women", By Design: Threads, Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City, MT June 27-August 15 2010
  • Conversations Among Women, "Women in Activism" held in conjunction with By Design:  Threads, Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City, MT August 10, 2010
  • Solo Exhibition, "Ancestresses & Wise Women", Betty Feves Memorial Gallery, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR  January 6-February 5 2010
  • Conversations Among Women, held in conjunction with solo exhibition at Betty Feves Memorial Gallery, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR  February 5 2010
  • Conversations Among Women, six events held in conjunction with solo exhibition of Ancestresses & Wise Women at Toucan Gallery and Strong Intuitions: Five Women's Perspectives at the Shed Exhibition Space Level 504, Billings, MT April - August 2008
  • Group show including "Ancestresses & Wise Women", Strong Intuitions: Five Women's Perspectives, The Shed Exhibition Space Level 504, Billings, MT May 2- August 1, 2008
  • Solo Exhibition, "Ancestresses & Wise Women," Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT April 2008
  • "Small Canoe", Annual Art Auction, Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT  2007
  • Solo Exhibition, "Chrysalis", Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT March/April 2006
  • "Cradle", Annual Southeastern Montana Juried Exhibit, Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City,MT 2005


  • Curator, MATRIXXMODULATION (solo exhibition by Jon Lodge), Northcutt Steele Gallery, MSU Billings, Billings, MT, January 28 - March 28, 2019. 
  • Gallery Director, Northcutt Steele Gallery, MSU Billings, Billings, MT January - May, 2019
  • Co-curator (with Dr. Aaron Rosen), "Undocumented: Difference in America Today", Kirk's Grocery, Billings, MT December 6, 2018 - January 6, 2019
  • Director, "For Freedoms 50 States Initiative Billings", Billings, MT, September-October, 2018
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "RISE: Empower, Change, Action!," Whitney Modern Gallery, Los Gatos, CA,  July 18 – August 31, 2018
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration", Santa Clara University, Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building Gallery, January 8 - April 6, 2018.
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "Social Justice: It Happens to One, It Happens to All", St. Mary's College Museum of Art, September 18 - December 11, 2016
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "Vision: An Artist's Perspective", Presented with, Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, CA, July 5 - 29, 2016
  • Director, "Flow" Interactive Exhibition and Community Project, Northcutt Steele Gallery and other venues, Montana State University Billings, Billings, MT, January 28 - March 18, 2016
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "What's Right, What's Left: Democracy in America", Phoenix Gallery, NYC, January 7 - 30, 2016
  • Co-Curator/Gutfreund Cornett Art, "Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action", Nave Gallery Annex, Somerville, MA, October 9 -31, 2015
  • Curator, "A Celebration of Expression", A benefit for Planned Parenthood of Montana, Billings, MT, April, 2016
  • Co-Director, "Women Do It!" traveling postcard exhibition, 2014+
  • Director, "Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art" exhibition and cultural exchange, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China, 2014
  • Exhibition Co-Director, "Woman + Body", Seoul and Gwangju, South Korea,  2012
  • Co-Director, "Strong Intuitions: Five Women's Perspectives", The Shed Exhibition Space at Level 504, Billings, Montana
  • Director/Facilitator, "Conversations Among Women", Toucan Gallery and The Shed Exhibition Space at Level 504, Billings Montana, 2008
  • Director/Facilitator, "Conversations Among Women," Betty Feves Memorial Gallery, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, Oregon, 2010
  • Director/Facilitator, "Conversations Among Women," Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City, Montana
  • Director/Facilitator, "Conversations Among Women," Hockaday Museum, Kalispell, Montana, 2011


BFA, Sculpture, Montana State University - Billings

BA, Political Science, University of Houston

Professional Memberships/Affiliations/Roles

  • Partner, Gutfreund Cornett Art
  • Director, "Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art", an art-based cultural exchange in Shenyang, China, April 2014
  • Exhibition Co-Director, Woman + Body, South Korea
  • Chair, International Caucus, Women's Caucus for Art
  • Montana Representative, The Feminist Art Project
  • Member, UN Rio+20 Women's Major Group Steering Committee
  • Member, International Sculpture Center
  • Member, Women's Caucus for Art
  • Member, WCA International Caucus
  • Member, Yellowstone Art Museum
  • Member, National Organization for Women
  • Member, Montana Wilderness Association
  • Member, Northern Plains Resource Council
  • Member, The Nature Conservancy
  • Member, Montana Human Rights Network
  • Women's Media Center
  • Montana Women Vote
  • Planned Parenthood of Montana